Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Religion and Bunnies.

Growing up, we were not a religious family. The time I did go to church, it was with my best friend's family and all I remember about it is the orange juice at Sunday school. So, my religious education has been somewhat...lacking.

Since I don't know anything about it, I don't really feel comfortable trying to explain anything about it to the kids; after all, the only thing worse than no information is mis-information. When Beege asked me "what's religion?" the other day, all I could manage was "religion, in this case, is what you call a collection of beliefs." Which, while mostly accurate, doesn't really answer her question.

It comes up whenever there's a Jewish holiday. I'm not sure why she's more interested in Jewish holidays, but she has told me numerous times that I should "write the test" to be Jewish, because then she'd be Jewish.

In the case of Judaism, I've got a guest speaker coming. You heard me. Conveniently, I've got a cousin who's Jewish, who thinks it's totally adorable that Beege is so interested and has agreed to come and talk to her about it. As for the rest, it looks as though I'm going to have to embark on a course of religious study.

During the course of our latest discussion, she also informed me that we're Christian because we celebrate Christmas and Easter and believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and pumpkins. Pumpkins? So... I've got my work cut out for me.

Although we weren't celebrating the resurrection of anyone when we did Easter at my house, we did celebrate. We always had an Easter hunt - that was usually more like a Treasure hunt. From pretty early on, it was pretty obvious that the Easter Bunny didn't really have much to do with anything at our house.

Among the other things that my parents were good at, they totally kicked ass at Easter hunts. We didn't have a hunt for chocolate, randomly scattered around the house, no sir. Not only did we get fun stuff instead of chocolate and candy (Usually small toys and a book or two - I distinctly remember a water whistle from the ROM gift shop) but we got clues for our hunt.

As we got older, they got more difficult and specifically tailored to each kid - everything is a learning opportunity! By the time mum decided that we really were too old for that sort of thing, my older brother was getting clues in Latin, mine were in French and my little sister's were in math problems. See the example I have to follow?

My kids are only 2 (almost 3!!) and 5, so their clues have been pretty easy - and thank goodness. Easter snuck up on me this year. As a result, today I will be running out to Toys R Us so that there is actually something to hunt for and then trying to come up with clues for the kids to follow. I've settled on pictures of the hiding place for Kee and poems for Beege.

It'll take me all night to do, and probably only take them about 15 minutes to finish their hunt... but maybe in 30 years they'll be sitting down to do the same thing for their kids. Totally worth it.

Happy Easter everyone!

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