Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Your Own Milk! Oh.. No, Wait, Don't.

There are certain things that I (and I'm sure my mum) don't remember from my childhood. Things that you wouldn't even think were important. Until you're staring at an entire jug of milk spilled at the feet of a helpful (almost) 3 year old who was just trying to pour herself some milk.

When exactly did I start pouring my own milk? That's one of those things. Also, when did I start having a bath by myself, brushing my own teeth and picking out my own clothes? Not exactly earth shaking events; I suppose that's why they didn't register so much.

I suppose, what I'm basically asking here is this: should I still be hopping up every two seconds to get them refills of things and grabbing extra forks, or can I start making them do it? Because I'm just getting into this book here and it's a pain in the ass to have to put it down every five seconds.

Seriously though, at what age do you think kids should start taking up some minor responsibilities?

Because I could really use some input.


  1. Ha! I just found my way here via Her Bad Mother, and I just have to say every post previous to this, and including this one fits my daily life to a Tee! 5 year olds must all be doing the same things, or you are stalking my life and blogging about it! ;)

    We've had this same conversation in our house... when is it time for him to be doing things for himself? I have no clue. Occasionally he takes the initiative and puts on his own shoes and coat. Beyond that though? Nada. I still have to get everything for him and do most everything for him. I remember taking baths alone, with the door closed, before I was 7! I can't even imagine doing that with our son though.

    I'm sure that I am hindering his progression of being more independent, but I don't want to make everything a fight everyday. When he's ready, he'll do it... until then, I have to keep putting down my book! :)

  2. It's weird, isn't it?? I remember being much more self sufficient than we expect our kids to be today. I think it depends a lot on the kid too... and it's hard to make our 5 year old okay with the fact that she has to do a lot more for herself than her sister does just because she's bigger.

    So far we've only decided on the following: they can make their beds in the morning (obviously, Beege does a better job), they can tidy up their toys when they're finished with them and they can stay the heck out of the fridge.

    Thanks for the comment, btw! I always love to hear from new people! :)

  3. I'm all caught up to the first post now. Really enjoyed all your entries. I'll be dropping by frequently! :)

    And sadly (or thankfully), our son won't even try to get something for himself out of the fridge. He just wants me to do it for him. :S
    In time I guess... and boy do we have a list of chores for him when he gets able!! Ha!

  4. Lol. I'm practically salivating for them to be tall enough to do the dishes.