Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfection is Overrated.

I like knitting. I've been doing it since middle school; self taught, thank you. It was surprisingly easy to pick things up just by looking at them and imagining how it might be done. I managed to teach myself how to do cable knits and switch colours. I figured out moss stitch completely by accident.

It wasn't until highschool that I made my first sweater though. Up until then, it was always scarves. I like scarves. No increasing or decreasing so you don't really have to concentrate; you can knock one out in an evening if there's a good movie on.

The year Beege started school, I went a little nuts and knitted her a dress, a hat, a scarf and four (no, five?) sweaters. Mostly because I liked the novelty of it. I found that I could sit down with one of those bulk balls of wool and make a whole sweater in 2 nights.

While I love knitting for many reasons, I think the real reason I love knitting is because you can royally screw up and still come out the other end with a wearable sweater.

Case in point:

You would never know that I made the left front side a whole inch and a half shorter than the right! And there's a whole row in there that's the entirely wrong stitch. I also lost count a few times while casting on the stitches down the front of the neck and had to add a bunch in later. Oh... I also did the ribbing for the front half an inch longer than the back.

It was also my first time doing cables on a sweater, but I didn't feel like looking for a pattern (or trying to keep track of rows) so I just kind of eye-balled it. You'd have to look pretty close to see that they're different heights though, because what's a row or two, give or take?

Looks good, though, right?* And Kee looks freaking adorable in it.

*I have no idea why it looks like salmon that's gone off. It's really more of a dusty rose.

Here are a few online resources, in case you're interested:
A free guide to knitting stitches from Craftcookie.com
Free patterns from Lion Brand Yarn
Free patterns from Bernat

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  1. I can't believe you did that by eye. Amazing!