Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Birds.

There are several reasons I'm so obsessed with these birds:

1. I've never been in close enough proximity to observe a nest this way, and it's fascinating how quickly the birds grow.

2. It's so interesting to watch them interact with their mother and see how she interacts with the environment around her. We've seen her feed them now, and it's pretty cool. She never leaves the area when we're around; when she's really antsy, she parks it on the clothes line that runs above the deck.

3. I'm positive that one of these days (considering the babies are getting so much bigger every day) I'm going to step out the door just as one of them gets restless and accidentally kicks one of it's brothers or sisters out of the nest. It will land on my head; there, it will poop out of fright and start digging its claws into my scalp. Misreading the situation, the Mama will swoop down to claw at my face and peck my eyes out.

Mostly though, it's just because they're neat.


  1. That's awesome! I love it when nature is close enough to allow itself to be observed. So fun!!

  2. The girls couldn't see them up there when they were tiny. They're pretty excited now that they can see their little heads poking up.