Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Your Motor Running...

For her 3rd birthday, Kee was the ecstatic recipient of a scooter and helmet from my parents. Beege has been working towards a scooter with her chore chart for months and, in a happy coincidence, got hers last week as well.

Finally, on Sunday, a sunny day that wouldn't melt our faces turned up and we got to take them over to the school yard to try them out.

I'm actually kind of glad that Kee's still in diapers, because she had some extra padding. I'm still not sure how she managed it, but she kept falling on her bum. Beege, not having any knee pads, got the worst of it.

Obviously, we need more practice.


  1. I was just telling Ali about scooters the other day... when she wanted a skateboard. And here I thought scooters were the safer answer...

  2. Kee's is a pretty awesome starter scooter, with the two wheels in the back - I really have no idea how she fell on her bum. I'm thinking she may have actually done it on purpose because Beege was falling. Sisters are weird.

    Beege was doing pretty well with hers by the end of our outing. And she was insanely happy with it, despite the scraped knees. (Which were really my fault for not thinking of knee pads.) Apparently, I should have gotten her one with bigger wheels? The one she has is pretty fast moving.