Monday, June 6, 2011

A Google A Day Can Make You Insane.

Don't get me wrong, I love Google; I don't know how I'd find anything on the web without it. I sometimes google random words just to see what comes up... try it, it's fun. If there is any occasion when you shouldn't use Google though, it's when you have a health question.

Really. I googled when my wisdom tooth started coming in, and it almost convinced me that I was going to die. From a tooth.

The symptoms for diseases that might kill you are so random! That diarrhea? That wasn't because of the three tacos you had last night; that's a parasite. Sore neck? Why, that's meningitis! Lost weight? Gained weight? Probably cancer.

As far as Google is concerned, you're going to die.

So, when I idly started googling this time, I expected to find some really exotic disease. Something really fancy. I mean, this time, I have an interesting symptom!

I'm missing a chunk of my leg.

I noticed it a few months ago. You know how sometimes, if you sit with your elbow leaning on your leg, then when you sit up there's kind of... a dent? Well, that's what it was like. Except those dents go away afer a few minutes, and this one did not. My husband couldn't really tell where it was if I didn't put his hand on it; so we decided that it was probably nothing.

At this point, he certainly doesn't need my help finding the dent. It's gotten wider, and it's gotten deeper. Now you can even find it just by looking at my leg even when I'm wearing jeans. It looks as though the muscle is being eaten away. Combine that with the fatigue, muscle spasms and random shooting pains, and I thought for sure good old Google would come up with something fun.


Now I'm really convinced I'm going to die.

The worst part is that now that I've finally decided maybe I should see a real human doctor about it, who might be able to tell me what's going on, I wasn't able to get an appointment for two weeks.

That's a lot of time to build up some crazy.

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