Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Since September, Beege has been taking piano lessons after school on Wednesdays. For me, it's been a nice extra hour with Kee. For Beege, it's been an after school activity where she got to hang out with some friends from school and, presumably, learn to play the piano.

Last night, we went to her first ever piano recital. Where we heard her, and a bunch of other 5 and 6 year olds, play the piano. It was about what you'd expect from such a group; we heard "Happy Birthday" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" quite a few times. There was one boy who played the theme from "Star Wars" who got a big round of applause. The kids were all taught to bow and curtsey at the end of their pieces.

I'm really hoping that I don't have to go to one of these things again any time soon.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it was totally cute. I'm very proud of my daughter for practicing and being excited about performing. This thing was so disorganised it made me crazy though. There were no signs in the school telling us where to go. There was no order to the performers; the teacher seemed to pick them at random. The children were allowed to run amok at the back of the room when they were done performing. It was nuts. And hot. And, sadly, while I was trying to video Beege playing, her teacher kept getting in my way.

Actually, I think that's really my issue. I've got a video of her teacher's butt with audio of Beege's "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

The most important thing is that Beege got down from that piano with a face that shone like the sun.

I just wish I had video.

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