Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is Here!

At least it was on Monday; 34 degrees! I think we're back into spring again for a little bit, and I for one am thrilled. Because, really? I hate summer.

Except for camping, I didn't even really like it when I was a kid. I was one of those weird kids who loved school and spent most of August impatient to get back to it. What can I say? I like structure.

Also? I know you can't really tell from my profile picture, but I'm a red-head. I'm a red-head with pale skin and a profusion of freckles who can manage to get a sunburn even when wearing 60SPF, a voluminous shirt and a hat the size of a hula hoop. I especially hate those 34 degree days (93.2F) when wearing my layers of sun protection means sitting around, barely able to move, melting into a puddle of sweat and despair.

It's hard to believe that there was ever actually a point in time when I would lay out on my back porch in the sun trying to get my fish belly legs to tan. I have, of course, since realised that I'm not going to tan. I'm just not. I'm much more likely to end up in bed, with a splitting headache, smeared with aloe vera and cursing my idiocy. It's time to embrace the pale.

To that end, I've finally decided to invest in some really heavy duty sun blocking clothes. They actually qualify as a "medical device". They're supposed to be light weight and very breathable. Of course, I may look like I'm on safari.

On the bright side, I'll probably have nice skin when I'm 80. So that's something.


  1. I feel your sunburn-y pain. Let me know how the sun blocking clothes work out - they're something I've thought about off & on, but I've been lazy with the follow through.

  2. You got it!
    At this point, I guess I ought to wait until after the postal strike to order it. :P

  3. @Pyra Yes, I do. So, considering, you really shouldn't go outside.