Thursday, June 9, 2011

That's My Girl!

Today, while I was playing with Beege, she got a little over zealous and accidentally knocked me down. My back twisted funny, and next thing you know, I'm lying on the floor in pain. So what did she do?

She got me a pillow for my head. She propped up my feet. She brought me a couple of blankets. Then she brought me her teddy bear, tucked me in and read me a story. When she was done with that, she crawled under the blanket with me, hugged me, and asked me "is that better, mummy?"

We are doing something SO right.


  1. Oh! Right now I am so tired, I may do that just for a pillow being brought to me!
    Sweet kiddo!

  2. Heh.. she does manage to make up for the times when she's .. uh.. not sweet.

  3. Awww!!! (sniff) - SO sweet!!!