Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Basic Rules For Audience Comportment at a Live Show:

When you go to a show of any kind*, it is courteous to behave with some common decency. Show some respect to both the audience who have paid to be there and the performers who have put in the hard work.

Presumably, as you have your inconsiderate ass planted (albeit haphazardly) in a seat, you have come to see the show. This would be infinitely more evident if you would refrain from conversing with your neighbour, playing with your phone, giggling as you rock your seats back and forth and poking the unfortunate man with the bad luck to be seated in front of you continuously with your fingers.

This is all behaviour that I would not accept, nor even expect, from my three year old. I think that even she could give you a lesson on how to be a good audience member.

Did I mention, I went out the other night?

*Unless, of course, we're talking stadium, not audience of 100...


  1. Congrats on getting out, dum-dums be damned.

  2. Thanks! And yes - dum-dums be damned. :) (I originally wrote "true enough" ... and then realised that didn't really make sense.)

  3. Ugh. People in general can be so annoying, can't they?