Monday, July 18, 2011

Help Me If You Can, I'm Feeling Down...

I really fell down on the job, with that whole "One a Day" thing. I have decided to blame medical issues.

I did get back to the doctor a second time and... it's nothing. Okay. Not technically "nothing", but nothing that can be fixed with a pill. I was actually hoping that it would be something big enough that I could lie down for a few days without feeling guilty about it, but small enough that some meds would solve the issue.

The problem appears to be stress. Plain, old fashioned stress, bordering on burnout.

I got homework from the doctor: I'm not to volunteer to do anything for anyone, I'm to say "no" to people (at least twice) before my next appointment, and I'm to do at least two things that are just for me.

I've started going to yoga again. I'm trying to relax. But the biggest problem with this whole "burnout" thing, is that it just feels so pathetic. There are other people who have a lot more going on than I do and I should be able to suck it up and handle it, and the fact that I don't seem able to makes everything seem that much worse.

Then, of course, I circle back to "what? WHAT is worse? You don't have any real problems, lady, SUCK IT UP!"


  1. stress and anxiety can do crazy things to your body.

    the way I see it, you're not at your best for the girls if you're burnt out. So if you need to rest, do it for them! :)

  2. I agree, stress can royally mess you up. I hope you start taking some well-deserved 'me' time and start feeling better.