Thursday, August 25, 2011

Damn You, Diapers.

Diapers. They have been a constant part of my life for the past five and a half years. I really thought I'd be done with them by now, since Kee's been three for a few months.

She is entirely capable of using the potty, and she will, but usually, she just can't be bothered. The larger problem is that neither can I.

Up to this point, I've neglected this particular avenue of my parental responsibilities. I kind of expected that there would eventually come a time when she either: got sick of sitting in a cold squishy diaper, or started feeling like she wanted to use the potty like a "big girl".

She could not care less about sitting around in a cold, wet diaper. Does not phase her a bit. I've even left her wearing one for longer than I'd like, hoping that she'd get uncomfortable. Nope.

The "big girl" thing has worked wonders for so many things -- wearing socks, wearing pants, letting me comb her hair -- but not for this.

It's time for me to do something about it. I don't want to make it a huge issue though, because Beege has enough bathroom issues for our whole household.* Kee is just stubborn enough that if she sees it as a power struggle, she'll be in diapers until she's twelve.

I've decided to try and quit diapers cold turkey. I came across this outline, at Perfecting Parenthood, of the method, which sounds pretty much like what I was planning. That gives me some hope.

I'm going to wait until Beege is back at school, and then give it a go. I have a feeling it will go much more smoothly without a big sister's "help".

Hopefully, in a few weeks (unless something changes drastically) I will be free from diapers, and the stanky diaper pail in my too small bathroom, forever.

*When she was sick, there was some damage to her intestines, which made her constipated, which made pooping hurt, which made her hold it, which made her constipated, which made pooping hurt... you get the idea. She's only now - over a year later - getting back into a regular pattern.


  1. the whole cold turkey thing works. I've seen it, I've done it.. it works. I completely disagree with " meaning that the child has to be off daycare if they're in daycare.".. because that's bullshit, but that's another topic.

    Going cold turkey means that the *second* she goes, she'll feel it. It will get uncomfy *really* quickly, diapers are way too absorbent to be helpful with potty training.

  2. It's all about finding the "sweet spot." Joey nearly killed me (3 attempts at cold turkey, 3 dismal failures). Finally at 3 yrs 8 mos, he witnessed his "stream" and it all clicked. The older boys were potty-trained in a day right under 3 yrs. old and I thought I had this thing licked. Once again, kharma is always looking to provide the proud mom an ego smack-down whenever it can.

  3. Beege's sweet spot, I'm sorry to say, was "they won't let you go to school if you don't use the potty every time." Which meant diapers until 3 and a half. Even THAT didn't work for Kee. We lost her daycare spot just yesterday. :(

    Someone should tell that Karma to leave me alone; I've got enough to deal with right now. *shakes fist at Karma* Hmm... that may not have been the best idea.

  4. Oh NOOOO! Losing her spot is a fate worse than death as far as I'm considered. I probably would have stuck a catheter in her. Don't tell the Dept. of Child Services.

  5. I know.. I'm sad about it. It'll be nice having time alone with her, but it would have been even nicer to be guaranteed time for a shower at least twice a week.

    And don't worry, Marianne, your secret is safe with me - I'm sure the 6 other people who read my blog won't tell either. *wink*

  6. Oh, I feel for you. And I hope that it goes fabulously well!!!