Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Naked Lunch.

So far, this school lunch thing has been a bit of a pain in the ass.

Day 1:
I packed: Painstakingly made-with-my-own-hands ravioli, carrots, grapes, apple juice and two lima bean cookies.

She ate: Carrots, cookies and two raviolis. She said they didn't taste as good after she emptied the packet of salt and pepper onto them. (Note to self: Do not pack leftover take-out utensil packages that contain salt and pepper.)

Day 2:
I packed: A cheese sandwich, strawberries, carrots, a granola bar, apple juice.

She ate: Everything but the sandwich, which she took apart and then put into the boxes from the strawberries and carrots. Why? I don't know. She didn't appear to either.

Day 3:
I packed: Tortellini (frozen, thankyouverymuch), carrots, apple slices, granola bar and apple juice.

She ate: Who knows? She lost her -- less than a week old -- Tinkerbell lunch bag.

Day 4:
I packed: Half a cheese sandwich, carrots, two lima bean cookies, grapes, apple juice. In a giant Ziploc bag, clearly labeled with her name, her teacher's name and her classroom. Which made her cry, because she didn't WANT to bring her lunch in a PLASTIC BAG.

She ate: Every last thing. She also found her lunch bag and I'm pretty sure she's going to keep a closer eye on it, considering how traumatic the whole Ziploc bag thing was.

(Tinkerbell's return also answered the question of what she'd eaten the day before: granola bar and apple juice.)

Apparently it could've been worse; one of her teachers from last year was telling me about a kid* in her class this year. On Tuesday, he lost his water bottle. On Wednesday, he lost his lunch bag. On Thursday, he lost his pants.


*This kid.


  1. Awesome. Lima Bean cookies?? I'm intrigued.

  2. They're basically chocolate chip cookies, but with lima beans, wheat germ, bran... you know, good stuff that usually makes kids gag. :) They're tasty, I swear!