Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rookie Mistake.

When Beege started kindergarten, I stuck around for about ten minutes after she'd gone in the door. Then I wandered home vacantly, with tears in my eyes, and sat on the couch counting the minutes until I could (without being totally embarrassing) go back and sit outside the door and watch for her to come out.

This morning, despite the utter chaos, I feel pretty good about leaving her there. I mean, I met the teacher, I made sure she was in the right line, I watched her go in the door; she's good.

Except, she's there until 3:30. That's the whole day. The WHOLE day. And while I've dreamed about this moment for the last couple of months, I still feel... a little empty.

Not that I would change a thing. My sanity has been severely at stake for the last couple of weeks.

I'm just relating the state of mind that may have led to the following conversation:
Me: Wow! Grade one! You're getting so big! And this year you're going to stay for lunch. The WHOLE day! Wow!
Beege: Yup.
Me: So what would you like for you first day of school lunch? I can make whatever you'd like!*
Beege: Anything?
Me: Anything!
Beege: I'd like to have puff pastry raviolis!**
Me: What?
Beege: You know, like Cat Cora made that time on the Iron Chef! And can they be star shaped?
Me: Eep?

On the upside, I learned to make ravioli.

*This is not something you should say to your child. Ever.
**For the record, they were not "puff pastry ravioli", they were more like puff pastry pop tarts.


  1. It took me for-freaking-ever, I had to post a picture! :) Surprisingly easy, just time consuming.