Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am SO out of shape I'm surprised I function.

Which is really only relevant to this story because lately, Kee and I have been going for a walk every morning after we drop Beege off at school.

Yesterday, as we were passing back around the school, I saw a mum I knew walking towards us. The mum of a kid in Beege's class. A mum who should have been at work. When I asked her if everyone was alright, she sighed and said "looks like we've got lice."

Seeing as I'm communicationally challenged and don't even own a cell phone, I ran home to check the machine and see if I too had been instructed to pick up an itchy child. No, thank goodness.

Yesterday, five kids were sent home from Beege's class because of lice. FIVE. Just in her class.

We're still washing her hair with tea tree oil shampoo and doing the braids and tea tree hair spray... but I'm still freaked. I'm seriously considering sending her to school in a shower cap until this thing is over.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can get lice in your eyelashes? You're welcome.


  1. Your blogs about Lice are terrifying!!! Good luck out there, buddy!!

  2. Thanks, JL. It is STILL going on.. almost three weeks later. It's driving me crazy!