Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanks, But I Don't Want to See Your Crotch.

To be embarrassingly honest, I rarely leave the house in anything fancier than yoga pants and a plain knit top these days. I am really not the person to be giving fashion advice.

However, even I cannot let this one pass.

Leggings as pants: If you're wearing them with a cute short skirt, or a long tunic-y top, they're actually kinda cute. The key is to COVER YOUR BUTT. Do not wear them with a top that doesn't hit at least the top of your thighs. No one needs to see every contour of your butt/crotch region.

Aside from the entirely unattractive "camel toe" issue, all leggings are not created equal, as far as opacity goes. Some of them tend to get a little see-through as you bend over, thus exposing your underpants to the world. Some of them eschew opacity altogether and just barely nod at decent coverage. Such as the ones the woman standing in front of me at school was wearing this morning.

If you won't stop wearing them for me, at least think of the children.


  1. Which is exactly why I haven't worn leggings since 1984.

  2. The bus I take to work every morning also goes to Humber College - so I see a *lot* of young girls doing this. At 8:30am. Ick.

  3. there was a girl (I say girl because she couldn't have been more than 16) wearing leggings the other day on my way to work. She was wearing a waist length jacket, and I could *clearly* see the pattern on her underwear through her "pants". It makes me think that 1) she doesn't own a mirror and 2) she gets dressed in the dark.

  4. I have to assume that this particular woman didn't realise that was happening. No one puts on see through stretch pants to volunteer at their kid's school, right?

    She was wearing a pale pink thong, in case anyone was wondering.

    So wrong.

    It doesn't look good on anyone. I say again: cover your butt.

  5. I completely agree. For whatever reason, this trend has not hit Birmingham yet, but every time we go to Atlanta, I am literally SHOCKED at the unbelievable amount of camel toe. Seriously - what are people thinking??