Monday, December 12, 2011

Beege at Five.

Since Beege was old enough to have opinions, I've been asking her some questions on her birthday; Kind of an exit interview for the year. Anything important you want to remember? Any new things you want to try?

The intention is to write this information out neatly, add her school picture for the year and then a sentence about any important highlights from the year.

"Scrapbooking," I believe it's called.

I used to do things like scrapbooking. I used to make all my own Christmas cards. I used to see friends. I used to actually leave the house...

Anyway. Sidetracked.

I haven't actually managed to get a single one of these interviews glued down on a pretty piece of paper. I fully intend to though. It would certainly help if I would write everything down in the same place, instead of (as I did this year) on the back of a scrap piece of paper that was also used to write out a Chinese food order.

However, because I am as brilliant as I am disorganised, this year, I'm going to blog it.

Brilliant, right? Not only do I have it written down somewhere that it won't go through the laundry, I get a post out of it! High five!


Beege: Last Day of Five.

Colour: Purple! [with eye roll, indicating ridiculousness of the question.]
Food: Pizza. But, ordered pizza. From Pizza Pizza. Not from the freezer.
Board game: Candyland.
Movie: Only the most hilariousest movie in the house... Despicable Me!
Thing to do: Read a book.
Book: I don't know.
Song: I don't know.
Toy: I don't know.
Day of the week: I don't know!

Anything special you want to remember about this year?: Being a black cat for halloween. Going to mini golf for my birthday; it was super fun.

Antything you're looking forward to for next year? MAD SCIENCE!*

Anything else you'd like to say about this year?
I love Daddy, I love Mummy, I love Kee... I love everyone I know.


A few things I'd like to add: You love school. You think of everyone you meet as a new friend. You're learning to be more patient with your sister, which I know can be hard. You are overflowing with hugs and snuggles. I get angry with you sometimes when you're acting silly because you're so smart that it's easy to forget that you're only six. OHMYGOD, YOU'RE ALREADY SIX!! No matter how old you get, in the back of my mind, superimposed on the strong, beautiful, AMAZING person you are becoming, will be that sweet smelling baby I held for the first time. Love you.


Now, when I'm doing this again next year, I'll be able to look back and reminisce about how I never got this one done properly.

Ahh, technology.

*I feel pretty strongly that our kids have more than enough stuff, so for her birthday we're sending Beege to Mad Science: Extraordinary Laboratory. It's once a week for eight weeks and they do a different experiment each time; I'm almost as excited as she is.


  1. This makes me a little sad. All the stuff I meant to do, record, note....Hopefully, the kids will remember and remind me of everything one day.

    Mad Science sounds awesome. Don't tell Dan. He'd want to go, too.

  2. It's funny how much we all start out meaning to do when we have kids.

    I meant to have a scrapbook done for every year... I also meant to have a clean house and proper meals on the table.

    And the kids will totally remember - especially anything you did to embarrass them.