Friday, December 23, 2011

The Santa Thing.

We don't really make a big deal about Santa in our house. We don't go to see him, but we do leave a snack out for him. We don't use him as a threat to make the kids behave, but we do use him to get them into bed on Christmas Eve.

Beege told me the other day that she believes in him because she's had the "empirical evidence" of snacks being eaten and lists being fulfilled.

(The fact that Santa prefers chocolate milk and those yummy Peak Freans cookies with the fruit jelly in the middle, just like Mummy, hasn't come under scrutiny yet.)

Armed with this belief, Beege writes her letter to Santa every year. It's pretty much been the same list since she started writing it. The only difference is that now she writes it herself:

Desember 2011.19
Dear Santa,
I want some new vidio games, new movies, new cudly toys and new games. Merry Christmas!
from, Beege

Kee hasn't been in on the letter to Santa thing up to this point, but this year, she wanted to write one too*:

Dear Santa,
How are you? I hope you are having a nice Christmas. My name is Kee. I would like a snowglobe for a present if you have one.
Thank you,

Last night, when Beege found out that I hadn't written one, she wrote one for me, just to make sure Santa didn't forget me:

December 22 2011
Dear Santa,
I would like an art kit, a knitting kit, some thread, some ribbon and some new paints. I also want some more money to help me do something. Merry Christmas.

When I asked her what the "something" I wanted money for was, she explained it was to buy a house.

If you bring me a house, Santa, I promise that I will leave you whatever kind of snack you want.

*As dictated to Mummy.


  1. a) Did Beege really use the term "empirical evidence"?? If so, I'm impressed.

    b) I'll ditto that last sentence. I'd even leave him whatever he wanted if he'd magically fix everything that needs fixing on our house.

  2. Rachel -
    a) She did! More impressive is that she actually knows what it means! Did I mention she's excited about science camp? :)

    b) You know, I'd take that too! If Santa would come in and re-do the kitchen floor and grout the shower, I'd be absolutely thrilled.

  3. You've got some smarties over there. Have we talked violin yet? (;