Friday, January 27, 2012

Today is a P.A Day.

A Coward's Lament

They've emptied every bin and shelf.
Strewn toys upon the floor.
Will they clean up this freaking mess?
No. Mummy gets that chore.

They've run in circles 'round me.
They've tied me to a chair.
They've chanted incomprehensibly,
while yanking on my hair.

They've fought, and yelled, and kicked, and screamed
'til I thought I'd lose my mind.
There must be something we can do
(other than nag and whine).

An outing would be nice!

The window shows it's sleety;
the ground a sheet of ice.

Who swoops in unexpectedly,
to save me from this hell?
(Barely) Dressed in green, and belching sparkles,
Ah! The lovely Tinkerbell!

"How about a movie, girls?"
(That'll stop the bitching!)
Meanwhile, my book, my tea, and I
will be hiding in the kitchen.


  1. Hehe, yeah - the great outdoors is where I was advised to head when you can't deal with indoors. But when you can't yay for the screen. Great poem!

  2. thanks :)

    Yeah, I'd rather be outside with them. They don't seem as loud out there.

  3. nice poem! did they really tie you to a chair?! O.o

    1. Well... not *exactly*, but it sounds better that way. The rest is 100% true. They're animals.