Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy for Crochet.

I've been a knitter since grade school. I decided I'd like to try since my mum was a knitter, and it looked kind of fun. Or at least like something to do. I taught myself to switch colours and do cables. I discovered stitches and textures, and fell in love.

It fell by the wayside a bit when I was in University, but since the girls came along, I've picked it up again. There is something extremely satisfying about sitting down with a couple of sticks and a big ball of yarn, and ending up with a sweater.

I was never really into crochet though. At one point, I gave it a try and made a great big granny square. Granny squares are nice and all, but I didn't know how to finish it, I didn't know what to do with it, and I have no idea what happened to it. Thus ended my brief flirtation with the noble art of crochet.

Fast forward to the birth of my beautiful nephew. My brother-in-law's grandma has made Spud some gorgeous baby blankets. Crochet, of course. Soft, and pretty and lacy looking; I couldn't help wanting to see if I could make one. I don't really have the time to pick up any new hobbies though, and these blankets are a little more complicated than a granny square, so I wasn't really going to bother.

I happened to mention my interest in front of my mother, who said, "Knitters don't crochet."

What? Apparently, it is a common belief that knitters can't crochet and crocheters can't knit. Like they're mutually exclusive fiber arts or something.

Well, that sounds like crap. Armed with some directions for basic crochet (with helpful things like what the heck all those abbreviations mean; hdc in next 2dc*?) I decided to teach myself to crochet.

I started out with some slippers. I found a pattern that looked fairly simple and got started. Sadly, they turned out lumpy and strange looking, two different sizes, both of which were too big**. Not to be deterred, I decided to try making some slippers for the girls instead, because even if they turn out a little lumpy, small things are cute.

I didn't try to use a pattern, since I am apparently patternally challenged; I just tried to make them look like the little ballet slippers that Kee already has.

These are Kee's; I made Beege some in black, and they both love them.

This experiment convinced me that I can indeed crochet functional things... the problem seems to be that I can't follow a pattern. Or maybe the problem is that I can't count.

Alrighty. Time to try out some big people slippers again. No pattern this time, I'm just going to go with it. Cute, right? And they totally fit, and stay on, and everything! Ooh, and I learned how to make flowers, too.

Since making my totally cute slippers, I have crocheted 8 dishcloths, 3 hats***, and something that was supposed to be a draft blocker for in front of the door, but I ran out of yarn so it's too short. It also kind of looks like it could be the Jolly Green Giant's penis. It is green and stripey though, so I added eyes, called it a caterpillar, and gave it to Beege.

Because I'm awesome.

*Half double crochet in next 2 double crochet. I had to look up what that meant too.
**Which was likely not the fault of
the pattern at all (especially considering they ended up two different sizes), because these look pretty darn cute. Maybe if you give it a shot you'll fare better. Especially if you can count.
***Which turned out really well, so I will be posting pictures of them soon. Because I can't help it.


  1. You ARE awesome. I can't even sew a button on a shirt. You are my hero.

  2. You are awesome, indeed! Good for you! Your slippers with the flower look like a pro made them!! YOU ARE A PRO!! Thanks for this update - I am super inspired right now!! I love the feeling of creating things too!

  3. You rock lady! Also, the knitters can't crochet thing is total bull - I do both! I don't nearly as well as you do, but that probably has more to do with laziness and 'starter-itis' (easy to start projects, hard to finish them!).
    Your slippers with the flowers look fab!

  4. *grin* Thanks! I must admit, I'm pretty proud of them. Wait 'til you see the hats! :)

    Tasha - I too, have suffered from starter-itis. I spent December collecting up all the things that I was in the middle of making and trying to finish them up. I think all I've got left to take care of is a set of bean bags and sewing up the toes of a pair of socks. It's liberating.

  5. i love the hats, yours looked great on you, and (was it Kee's?) the blue one was adorable.

    I just finished the last in my series of books, and don't have anything in particular to scrapbook about at the moment, so I may just take up knitting again. I'll have to get some patterns though, because you're the only person I've ever heard of that can just decide to make something, and then make it without using some sort of guideline!

    1. The blue one was indeed Kee's. She loves it; she even sleeps in it. Although she refers to it as her "baby hat" and talks in a squeaky little voice when she wears it. So that's weird.

      I'm pretty sure that all the people who make patterns sit down and make stuff without patterns, but thank you. :)