Monday, January 23, 2012


I believe I mentioned that I've been crocheting a lot.

Well, aside from dishcloths and slippers, I've been making a lot of hats. I think part of the appeal is that I can sit down and make one in an evening. Not only do I get the lovely feeling from starting something new, I also don't find it stuffed, half finished, in a box six months later! Excellent.

The thing that I'm finding I like most about crocheting is that you can just adapt any pattern once you find a basic one that you like. The hats in the picture on the left, for example are all from the same basic pattern.

The crowns* are all the same, but once I got down to the brim I tried out a few different things.

[If you don't really care about the specifics, don't read this part:]

The white one has no brim at all, I just did a scalloped edge where I would have started on the brim. So, cute little beanie (which did have a sunflower attached at the side, but that's what I get for leaving them where the children can reach them).

The black one is more like the original pattern, but the ruffled edge on the original was a bit too... ruffle-y for me, so I lengthened the stitch (double crochet instead of half double) and did fewer of them.

The blue one is different again! I did a row of triple crochet around the base of the crown to allow room for the ribbon to thread through, and on the second row of the brim (also dc instead of hdc), only did one dc in each stitch, so no ruffle effect. More of a bucket brim.

[Okay, you can start reading again.]

And of course, now I've got all these hats.

I have no idea who all these hats are for, because I'm not much of a hat person, but I can't stop making them. I've already made one for myself and both the girls, and (luckily for everyone) I don't have a cat.

I suppose I could just stop, but if I find myself with a spare minute, I can't help starting a project. Can you be addicted to yarn? Should I call someone?

*Here is more than you ever wanted to know about hats.


  1. My name is Mareth and I'm a yarn addict :). I'm with ya!

    Cute hats. I stink at crochet but really want to work this year to get better. You could always donate the caps you don't have a use for.

    1. Welcome, Mareth!

      Thanks, I like 'em too. :)

      Donating them is a great idea - I'll have to look into whether there is somewhere that wants this kind of thing. Or maybe make something a little more practical. ;)

    you make it look fun and I want a hat and would buy one of yours if the postage weren't so ^.

    1. I just got all excited and decided to send you a hat... I mean, how bad can the postage be? Soooo... Toronto to Australia... holy freaking CRAP! Sorry, Julie. :(.

      (If I come into some money, I'll need your address.)

    2. Hehehe If I come into some money we'll do a swap, a painting for a hat!

  3. Skwishee - apparently, your spiritual best friend lives in my neighborhood. Check out "Karen's Crocheted Hats" on Facebook! She's doing a whole collection of St. Patrick's Day hats that I'm in love with!