Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuff I Made Today.

The best thing about this weekend -- and every weekend -- is that if it becomes necessary for me to be alone and work out my crazy a bit, I usually can. So this afternoon, while the husband watched "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" with the girls, I hid in my room for a while and made things.

A sleeve for a tin can. I saw the idea at Attic 24, and decided to make one to hold the girls' pencils and things.*

I've mentioned that there are several kids in Beege's class with intolerances to several different things? Well, I'm not the only one who just gave up trying to come up with an acceptable snack and started sending pencils and stickers instead.

At this point, Beege has about a million pencils, and they've been piling up in corners, thrown in random drawers and stacked haphazardly on shelves; they needed a home. It's not quite as snazzy as the ones Lucy made, but it's definitely an improvement.

These things. I saw the idea on Pinterest**. Although, the ones I saw on there were all fancy, and I think they were purchased in a store. Well, I'm all about re-using things (and not spending money), so I decided to make my own version.

The "to go..." container is filled with river rocks, in the amount of weight that it might be nice if I lost. As the pounds slink away (hopefully never to be seen again), I move a rock into the "down!" container. You can use it for any kind of count down - maybe I'll make one for Beege next time she has something exciting coming up.

Beef Stew. (I had to come out of my room for this one.) It was totally yummy. What I liked best about it was that all I had to do was saute some onions, throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, and remember to stir it every once in a while. Hooray for crock pots!

I also made lunch, but it wasn't worth taking pictures of.

*Just a side note: I removed the lid with a can opener that doesn't leave any sharp edges. I don't know if other companies make them, but ours is a "Star Frit". Also, I put a circle of craft foam into the bottom of the can so that the points don't break every time they shove a pencil in there. Also, as Kee pointed out, the foam makes it quieter.
**Ohmygod. I'm so addicted to Pinterest! I could waste my whole life on there if I didn't have small people asking me to feed them and stuff.


  1. I adore that rock idea!! That is such a clever and fun way to track weight loss. I'm totally going to do that. Thank you!!

    The pencil case is cute too. Ugh - another reason I wish I could crochet worth a darn!!

    1. I just started with a chain that fit around the can, and then did single crochet in rows all the way up. It's a good practice project since it works up quickly. You can do it! :)

  2. We have collections on the window sill always, even now my kids are teens and older which is really nice.
    After a while we set them free in the garden.
    I just fell into Pinterest lucky my husband came and dragged me out. I will have to set my alarm if I go there again...
    Getting lots of ideas about my guest post on your blog and am really excited!

    1. My girls pick up bits of ashpalt in parking lots and present them to me as if they were precious jewels. I know there will come a day when one of my obnoxious teenagers will saunter in and ask "Mum, why's there a great hunk of ugly rock on the window sill?" because I hang on to all of them.

      I'm totally excited!!

  3. and looking at your hot pot has made me reeeealy hungry.