Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The (Very Belated) Holiday Re-cap. [Part 1]

Christmas Morning.

I wake up for no apparent reason at 6am and lay in bed waiting for the children to wake up. At 6:30, I contemplate going into the kitchen and accidentally dropping something loud so that the kids will get up, and start enjoying Christmas, dammit!

About 6:45, I finally hear small, shuffling footsteps coming down the hallway. FINALLY! What is wrong with these kids, anyway? It's Christmas!

I hear a little sniffle. Then I hear a sob. Kee?

Kee: I'm so sorry I ruined Christmas!
Me: What?
Kee: I ruined Christmas! *sob*
Me: What happened?
Kee: I went to bed *sniffle* with a dirty diaper! And *whimper* I was naughty so I didn't get a *sniffle* bedtime story!
Me: You didn't ruin Christmas, baby! It's okay!
Kee: Oh. *totally normal voice* Is it the weekend? Is it morning time? Can you get up and make breakfast now? Can I watch a show? Why did you leave the Christmas lights on all night? You're not supposed to leave lights on all night. Are you getting up now? Can I watch a show?

Alrighty. Time to get up and make a beautiful Christmas breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and tea. Apparently, no one is interested in the bacon, pancakes, and eggs. Toast it is. *sigh*

Beege was thrilled with the new pajamas from Kee, Kee was enraptured with her snow globe* from Santa, and the husband was pleased to finally be allowed to open the video game that he had known about for a month. Despite the complete lack of bacon, fun was had by all.

(Although, next year, there will be bacon.)

*It was the most perfect snow globe for her; Tiny, and containing a little pink bird house. Sadly, the snow globe suffered an accident about a week later. We're still in mourning.

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