Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The (Very Belated) Holiday Re-cap. [Part 2]

Take Them Away!

I have stomach issues. I've always been a little stomach-y, but after Kee was born, everything got much worse and there was a while there that I couldn't even leave the house. Let's just leave it at that.

These "issues" happen to get worse in the car. Not because I get motion sickness (although that is also a problem), but because the combination of worrying that my stomach will act up combined with the worry that we'll get stuck in a traffic jam, I won't be able to make it to a bathroom, and will arrive at our destination smelly, miserable and in need of a shower... well... I don't tend to go on long car trips if I can help it.

So for the past couple of years, my husband has been taking the kids to his mum's for a visit around Christmas, and I've been staying home.

While I miss the kids, and I feel like a jerk for not going... I can't really deny that I look forward to it every year. When am I EVER alone?

I always plan to get a lot done while they're gone. There are all kinds of things that I can't do with the kids running around: cleaning out cupboards, putting up shelves, culling the toys, having a bath. That kind of thing. I know what you're thinking; "sure you can!" But no. No, I can't. I don't know about your kids, but mine don't like to let me pay attention to anything other than them. That's why I haven't been able to use the toilet in peace in six years.

Anyway, armed with these good intentions, I waved them out of the driveway.

I got nothing done.

Actually, not nothing. I watched several movies*, had dinner with my grandma and taught myself to crochet**. I even had a bath. TWICE. I just didn't do anything for anyone else.***

It was amazingly quiet.

Then they came home.

Now I'm looking forward to the husband's mum's birthday.

*"Good Luck Chuck": contained more sex than I like to watch in a movie, but otherwise kind of cute. "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend": bit of a twist ending, fluffy, sweet. I enjoyed it. "No Strings Attached": It is what it is. "Bridesmaids": I love Melissa McCarthy and Ellie Kemper. I didn't find it as hilarious as I was led to believe I would, but still funny. I could also totally see myself trying to hold in the evil at a bridal shop.

**More about this later.

***Other than the usual 8 loads of laundry, finally getting to the end of the dishes in the kitchen sink and sorting through the girls' dressers and removing some things, so that their father would stop giving them clothes that are three sizes too small in the morning.


  1. My husband took the kids out without me maybe once or twice in 20 years - and they're boys! Those days I got nothing done either, because I could without anyone to bother me...

    1. I *need* a weekend alone every once in a while, or I would go completely insane. I'm generally a very quiet person, with quiet hobbies, and these children? Not quiet. I don't think it's even possible for them to be quiet.

      Sometimes I manage to get something done, but usually the lure of an uninterrupted bath or the chance to actually *sit down* for five minutes is too strong.

  2. Had to comment on the stomach issues! Stomach issues are my life. I too plan long trips, lengthy meetings at work, camping, parties, etc. all around my stomach. For fear there won't be a bathroom in sight.
    I think I have downed so much Immodium A-D, that I am immune!
    We had to leave very fun parties before because of my tummy! Even the kids are like "Ugghh, mom is it your stomach again?"

    Happy for you though that you got some alone time ;)Sad for you that fear of no bathroom on a freeway got you that alone time. lol