Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introducing... My Socks.

The nightmares about piles of things coming to life and trying to kill me are back. Looking around my house at the various precariously stacked piles, I know that it's time to start getting rid of things a little more vigorously.

The hardest part is knowing where to start. Half the time, I've got to move this stuff so that I can move that stuff, and before I can do that, I need to move this stuff... you see the problem.

Partly inspired by Julie at Feeding the Cat's post today (and partly by the fact that I'm a bathtub full of cat hair away from being a hoarder) I decided to bite the bullet and tackle clearing out my dresser today.

I needed to be ruthless. Anything with a tag that says "Medium"? Who are we kidding, here? Goodwill. Anything that I don't actually remember owning? I obviously don't wear it. Goodbye.

I found some baby clothes, old letters, a chocolate bar, several pens, some jewellery, expired medications, and a letter from Public Health congratulating me on adopting my baby*.

I ended up with an entire large garbage bag to go to Goodwill, an entire grocery bag filled with miscellaneous crap, drawers that I can close (but that probably still need some culling), and the realisation that I am apparently addicted to socks.

The socks that I actually wear on a day to day basis.
Six pairs.

The giant socks that I have to wear around the house so my toes don't freeze off.
Five pairs.

Ankle socks that I only wear in emergencies.
Eight pairs.

Knee socks that I used to wear (eight years ago!) as part of my work
uniform at the Medieval store.
Six pairs.

"Cute" socks that I don't really wear very much, but just
had to have at one time.
Fifteen pairs.

Lonely socks that are missing a partner. I didn't bother counting.

That's forty pairs of socks. Not counting the ones on my feet, the ones in the laundry, the ones that went straight into the Goodwill bag or garbage, or any of those lonesome socks if they ever find their partners. FORTY!

And I have to wonder when, exactly, I was planning on wearing knee socks again.

*It's dated the day after Kee was born, and since I actually remember pulling her out of my body, I'm pretty sure they sent me the wrong form letter.


  1. Love this post! Socks are the worst. Especially when you have to dig through a giant pile of laundry to find a pair that match.

    Hey, guess what! You won a sheep! Yaaaaaaaay! Please email me your mailing address so that he can go to his adoptive home.

    1. The worst part is that I've got at least 50 singles. Where the heck did their partners go?

      Thanks! :)

  2. You worked at the Medieval store? I'm intrigued. Socks always fit and they never let a girl down. Totally get it.

    1. We sold Medieval clothing and decor. I got to wear a princess dress to work! Despite the fact that we had no heat (hence the knee socks)it was actually as cool as it sounds. (Depending on whether you're a big nerd like me or not, I suppose.)

  3. OMG are they all yours? Wow!
    When I saw the first two pics I thought 'Hey Skwishee has socks like mine' and then I saw the more interesting fun ones and thought 'Hmm I could do with brightening up my foot attire.
    I wonder if there's a sock museum anywhere, hey there's an idea!

    1. Sadly, they are! Beware of the fun socks though, they don't last as long; although, I suppose that doesn't matter since you usually don't like them anymore after a few weeks.