Friday, February 3, 2012

We Are GOING To The Dentist.

The last few times I've had a dental appointment scheduled, I've had to cancel it. Once because I was in the hospital, once because I couldn't move my neck and didn't trust the girls not to fling themselves off the subway platform, and the other time... I may have just been too lazy to go. (Probably not, but I can't remember the exact reason; I'm sure it was good.)

The husband has also had to cancel his last two appointments. I don't think either of us has been to the dentist for at least two years. Which... well, that's not so good.

So. In a show of masterful organisational abilities, I called the dentist last month, cancelled Beege's appointment for January 14th and made all four of us appointments for today. Brilliant. This way, not only do we all get it out of the way, but I don't have to take the kids on the subway at all!

(Lest you think I'm also allowing my children's teeth to go unchecked; I always manage to get them to their appointments. It's just my teeth I don't seem to care about.)

The husband took the day off, and I notified the school at the beginning of the week that I would be picking Beege up at lunch time today. We charged up the electronic devices to keep the girls entertained while other people were getting their teeth looked at. We packed a bag of other fun stuff to keep them busy, should the electronic devices fail (or be considered unworthy). We decided where and when we would be eating. It was all planned. So well planned.

I should really not have been surprised when, last night around seven o'clock, Beege threw up.

Then she did it again.


We finally put her to bed with a bucket and crossed our fingers. I fully expected to be up at least a couple of times in the night, soothing, and cleaning up barf.

I was pretty surprised that it was morning when she finally climbed in our bed and snuggled in between us.* That's great! She's already over it! No problem.
How are you feeling, Sweetie?
Much better Mummy.
You didn't throw up last night? That's great!
Yes I did, just once though.
Oh. You did?
Yes. In the bucket.
So I left her tucked in my bed and went to her room. There was, indeed, a bucket of vomit on the stool beside her bed. Apparently, my daughter is a very calm vomitter**.

She says she feels totally fine, but she also said that last night: "I feel just fine now, Mu..*baaaaarf*", so I don't really know if I should trust her judgement.

However, I have the feeling that if we don't go to the dentist today, we will never go again.

We will go ahead with the plan, but the packing list will just have a few additions: children's Gravol, barf buckets, plastic bags, disinfectant wipes, and a couple of changes of clothes.

For each of them.

Just in case.

[EDIT: As of right now (10:28am), she has not thrown up this morning. Although I probably shouldn't write that. Because then she will.]

*I actually slept the whole night? I haven't slept the whole night in a week - even without barfing children!
**Apparently, "vomitter" is not a word. What else would you call "one who vomits"?


  1. Sounds like my life.I am so busy taking the kids to their appointments, that I wind up having to cancel mine (due to chronic 'mom' fatigue)

    And my children are professional, do-it- yourselfers as far as vomiting also.I always joke that I should get them their own personally engraved vomit bowls........That may be an idea.

    New follower here, and I am enjoying your posts. It is late, and my eyes are stinging, but I will stop by again ;)

    1. Hi J.R., nice to "meet" you. :)

      They've each got their own buckets with their names on it from the time they both had stomach flu - it helped to remind me which one had been disinfected last, and which one I still had to do. Or were you kidding about that? ;]