Monday, March 26, 2012

A House is a House For Me.

So. We're thinking about buying a house. Which I find terrifying.

This is not the house.

Despite that, we looked at a house yesterday. Actually, we looked at two houses yesterday.

The first one sucked. It was a weird layout, and the bedrooms were separated between floors (which just wouldn't work for us, with the two small ones), and the basement smelled like stale cheese. The backyard was ugly and the real estate agent was smarmy. The "eat-in" kitchen was so not an eat-in kitchen. I left that house feeling good. The house was ugly, I didn't want it, the end.

The second house is on a cul-de-sac, where apparently, twelve other children live. They all play together in the middle, after school. The rooms are all fairly small, but there is an extra bedroom AND a playroom. I walked into one of the bedrooms and thought, "Kee". It just felt like it should be her room. By the time we got down to the basement, I was already arranging my furniture. And the basement has a walkout to the back yard.

Oh, my god, the back yard! It's huge. And behind it, there is a pond, and past that, there's a park, and past that, there's conservation area. (And did I mention it's huge?)

And it's two minutes from my sister's new baby* in one direction, and two minutes from the grade school in the other. And it's near hiking trails, and bike trails, and parks.

Of course, when we left the second house, I was light headed and fighting nausea.

Then there was talk about offers and mortgages and lawyers.

I'm a born worrier. I can worry about things that no one else would even think to worry about; so present me with an opportunity to worry about something big and scary that most normal people worry about? Holy crap-pops.

What if we uproot our kids and they're miserable? What if the commute is too long and we never see Husband? What if I'm miserable? What if the house leaks? What if my Grandma has to move? What if it's haunted? What if we lose all our money? What if the pond attracts hundreds of annoying ducks? What if I can't make new friends? What if ...?

What if someone else buys it?

*She lives there too, but let's be honest, I'm in it for the baby. (Just kidding, Stinkerbell!) (It's all about the baby.)


  1. Having been through this house-buying process in the last 6 months, I can say that it will be ok. You will find a lovely home.

    1. I'm just trying to take deep breaths and remember that I'll have my people with me, so it will be okay somehow, even if the roof caves in. Which I really hope won't happen. To anyone, ever. Crap. Something new to worry about. :\

  2. What if we uproot our kids and they're miserable?
    -They won't be, if nothing else.. kee will be going to school so she'll be thrilled, they'll be closer to their grandparents, and me.. the kids here all play outside.. they'll love it :o)

    What if the commute is too long and we never see Husband?
    -He'll make time. you'll see him lots :o) hell, maybe he'll find something up here that he enjoys more than where he is ;o)

    What if I'm miserable?
    -You won't be, for the same reasons that the girls won't be

    What if the house leaks?
    -Daddy's close enough to fix it! :o)

    What if my Grandma has to move?
    -She will have to move anyway.. the house is too big for her to keep up with, she'll downsize and be happier for it :o)

    What if it's haunted?
    -it won't be, but if it is, we'll find someone to come and chant and make the ghosties go away.

    What if we lose all our money?
    -buying something doesn't make you lose your money. A house is an investment, and a good one at that.

    What if the pond attracts hundreds of annoying ducks?
    -then you're far enough away from the pond that it won't bug you.. did you *see* the yard?!

    What if I can't make new friends?
    -Then you're stuck with just me *bats eyelashes*

    What if ...?
    -bring it on! :o)

    What if someone else buys it?
    then you'll keep looking and find your house. If someone else buys it, it wasn't meant to be. (but I'm hoping it's meant to be!)

  3. I so understand this. SO. I've been doing this about a stupid car, let alone a house. Moving is completely panic-inducing!!

    ...but it sounds perfect!

    1. And the worst is, that I get horrible when I'm anxious. I snap, and growl, and don't want anyone to talk to me because everyone is suddenly mumbling a constant stream of irritating nonsense at me - or at least that's what it seems like - and I have trouble focusing.

      ... it kind of does, doesn't it? *gulp*

  4. I don't think anyone can commment on Grandma's happiness but Grandma....

    1. and skwishee should be focusing on what is best for her and her family.. Grandma's happiness should not have to be her worry.

      I dislike trolls.

  5. Oh man, we are looking for a house, too! It's awful. Just awful. I want to teleport into the future and have it be done. To have my magical house in exactly the 20 square block radius I've determined and pay less than market value for it and not have it cave in. Is that too much to ask?! I don't think so. I feel your nausea.

    1. I was thinking that. I would be perfectly happy to find that I had been living in the house for a month, the girls' rooms were painted the promised pinks and purples, there's money in the bank for that new shelving in the kitchen, and everyone was settled in nicely.

      Best of luck to you and the Chief - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  6. Sounds like a great house for all good reasons. Before you buy, visit the house on a few Saturday nights and see what the area is like for hoodlums etc.
    Love the Harbinger (pic in post) - so manageable and funny that on the plan it has a 'great room'.

    1. Sound advice Julie!
      I know, I love that teeny house. I keep saying if it were just me, I could live in one of those Ikea sample apartments.
      I guess it's all relative, huh? :)