Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Which I Complain About the Weather.

This winter has been lovely. Almost no snow, and not even cold enough for long johns. Yet people were still saying they couldn't wait for spring.

Well, here it is. Or isn't, really, because it's going to be twenty-freaking-seven today. That, people, is summer.

Why would I be complaining about this? Well... I have a confession:

I wear pajamas all winter.

It's true. I wear my pajamas ALL THE TIME. There are snowpants (which I also wear, both to be a good example and because I hate being cold, dammit) and hats, and mittens, and boots, and scarves, and extra socks to worry about putting on my children; I don't have time for frivolous things such as changing my own clothes. So I just throw my winter clothes on over whatever I woke up in*.

I can hear some of you gasping.

I do get dressed if there's time, I swear, but when I'm getting the kids ready to get out the door in the morning, the first things to go if we're running late are anything to do with Mummy feeling more human, like hair brushing and real pants.

But you know what? It's kind of nice to not have to worry about whether my jeans are clean or I can find a bra, because winter clothes cover a multitude of fashion faux pas. Such as wearing your pajamas all day.

This winter, I had to wear proper pants (which was bad enough), but now it's not even May and I've got to wear a bra? This stinks.

Besides that, it's HOT. It's SHORTS weather. And I HATE shorts. I thought I could avoid that particular horror until June.

Spring is usually a nice time when flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and I can ease myself back in to wearing proper clothes.

I'm sure that not everyone is on my side here, but where has the "fifteen and rainy" weather gone?

*Please note that while I wear pajamas most of the winter, I do change them every day, so it's not as bad as you thought. Right?


  1. Wow. This is a fantastically curious concept to me. It is NEVER cold enough here to hide ... pajamas.

    I just might have to move to Canada now.

    1. They should make that a marketing campaign: Move to Canada; the people are nice, and you can wear pajamas all winter.

  2. Ha! I am SO glad that I'm not the only one! Now that I can't wear a winter coat anymore, I have to actually put on a bra before walking the dog. Bah. (But I still prefer the warm weather, so not REALLY complaining.)

  3. I love the weather, but I'm with you on 8 am grocery stops in my jammies.