Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanks, Julie!

Julie, at Feeding the Cat, (who was also my most excellent guest poster for Leap Blog Day) has passed along a couple of awards to me: The "Cute Blog Award" and the "Kreativ Blogger Award."

As with most things, accepting these prestigious awards comes with a few rules. First, the Cute one:

1. Link back to the person who gave me the award (done already).
2. Follow the person who gave me the award (uh-huh).
3. Display the award on my blog (done).
4. List five of your favourite things (coming).
5. Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers (will do!).

Five of My Favourite Things
By: Skwishee

1. Getting into a bed made with sheets fresh from the dryer after having a bath. (And I'd like it even more if I had a decent tub.)
2. When my girls come in and snuggle me in the morning instead of yelling for me from their room.
3. Sunbeams and disco balls (in my mind, they go together).
4. A day when everything just goes well.
5. Getting proper mail - by which I mean a real letter or an exciting package.

Now for "Kreativ": The rules here appear to be ten random facts and pass it on. So, ten random facts:

My Ten Random Facts
By: Skwishee

When I was in grade four, I wanted to change my name to Grace.
I want to learn to build proper furniture.
I'm having a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Whining bothers me more than almost anything.
I am afraid of fish.
I kind of wish I lived on a farm.
I often dream about rooms that change shape while I'm in them.
I'm scared to death of buying a house; I'm almost positive it will be haunted.
I wish I could live in a craft store.
I think it would be great to have a "pensieve" like in Harry Potter; it would be really nice to be able to actually empty my head every once in a while.

And now, to pass on the love (I'm giving these bloggers both awards at the same time - seems expedient):

Eke at Candy for Breakfast, a blog that is both extraordinarily cute and very creative.
Marianne at We Band of Mothers, who is just awesome.
Jen at My Adorable Small Town Life. Again, adorable and creative.
Haley at Haley's Comic. She's hilarious. Really, go read, you'll thank me.
Stephanie at Clay Baboons, even though I know she doesn't pass them on, because I appreciate her super-creative pee-your-pants-funny stories and think you oughta go look at her site.

So... that's it for me today. Have yourself an excellent Wednesday!


  1. Thank you Skwishee. I really sincerely enormously appreciate this. You're right...I don't pass them on...but that doesn't mean that I don't LOVE getting them, especially from writers with blog that I love and respect!

    (And also, I owe you a sheep. It's coming. I'm just a huge procratinator.)

    1. You're very welcome. :). (and thank you!)

      I've got plans for that sheep... plans which may or may not include a diorama... *evil giggle*

      (dioramas aren't at all evil, are they?)

  2. Thanks, Skwish! I totally love awards. And I totally never follow the rules because I'm too lazy and have adult ADHD. But this means a lot to me! I am still a little bummed that you scored Stephanie's clay eheep, but I'm learning to Xanax at a time. (;

    1. You're very welcome, Marianne :)

      Don't worry, I plan on sharing my sheep with the world. (see above.)

  3. I will live in craft store with you...Grace...! I would not want anything to do with a haunted house either, so I hear your fear!

    1. Thanks, Sara! :)

      It would be just my luck to buy a house that's perfect in every way, except that it has some chain rattling jerk in the basement.

  4. Onya Skwishee (is onya an Australian thing - if so then it means good on you). Love your favourite things and random facts. Ditto on the clean sheets after bath, craft store, whining and I so miss snugly kids in the morning - damn why'd they have to grow up?

    1. Beege is a cuddler - I'm pretty sure I'll be getting snuggles from her when she's thirty. Kee, sadly, is not a snuggler most of the time. Although, that does make it feel even better when she curls up in my lap.

  5. Wow. Thank you so much for this! I don't really know how these awards work, but I will do my best to honour it.

    I love your blog. yes.

    1. You're very, very welcome. :)

      And thank YOU.