Friday, March 23, 2012

Wizards, and Fairies, and Gnomes, Oh my!

Before winter (what there was of it) set in, I took Kee for a five kilometer walk every morning. Part of the reason that we stopped was that, after a few weeks, she just wouldn't do it.

She would start out in her stroller. Then she would ask to get out; no problem. Then she would want to get back in. Then she wanted to get out. Then she didn't want to walk THAT way. Then she would stand, arms crossed, in the middle of the sidewalk in the rain for ten minutes until I strong-armed her into her stroller and pushed it home like a wheelbarrow because she was trying to drag her feet on the ground so that I couldn't move it without hurting her. Oh, and she usually screamed at the top of her lungs for at least part of our little adventure.

Good times. You can see why I gave up, right?

But now, the weather is nice. Despite the fact that I'm mourning the loss of my pajama days, I am happy to be able to get outside again. I want to start walking, and the only thing standing in my way is about three feet tall.

I figure that my downfall last time was that she was just bored.

So the other day, I convinced her to stop trying to pull me back home after we dropped Beege off by offering to buy her a marshmallow at the "treat store". As she sat, eating her pink, icing covered marshmallow, I contemplated my next move.

When she finished sucking the last sugary crystals off her fingers and wiped her hands on her skirt, I asked, "do you want to see where a wizard lives?" Wide eyed, she nodded her head.

I took her sticky little hand in mine and off we went.

This is the wizard's house. It's surrounded by so many trees that you can only actually see it from this one perspective.
Don't worry though, it's a nice wizard.

Robins were everywhere - it being wet and warmish out - and are obviously magical guardians. Of something or other.

How could fairies not live here?

She was so interested in hearing about everything we were seeing, that she made it home* without a single complaint.

By the time we got to our house, we had passed several more fairy dwellings, a bush that was obviously home to gnomes, a power pole that (when climbed) will take you to a magical castle with a sleeping princess (you can tell because of the brambles that engulf the bottom) and a truck delivering shields to knights.

Oh, and Pinkalicious' house.

*It wasn't our old 5k, but I'm pretty sure we could work up to it if I can come up with a good enough story.


  1. Just brilliant! I can completely relate to trying to convince coax small people to go for a walk. I shall have to try this strategy.
    Fairies definitely live there.

  2. Another reason you're lucky to have girls....The Walsh boys will not be fairy-hunting anytime soon, no matter how much I beg.

  3. Well done, you've mastered the art of coaxing. I've hidden behind many a tree to get my under fives a few kilometers more. Coaxing exercises the wit more than the walking exercises the legs.