Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Inspections: A VERY Good Idea.

Today, we went up to the house for the home inspection. When we were dropping Kee off with my mum, she asked me what they could find in the home inspection that would make us not take the house. I jokingly replied, "well, if they find a hellmouth, that would probably be a deal-breaker."

It turns out that an attic full of black mold and completely wonky electrical might do it too.

The really crappy thing is that I still love the house, and I worry that we won't be able to find anything that suits our needs quite so well (minus, of course, the toxic creeping poison and the danger of catching fire in the night) somewhere else.

We're going to see if they will drop the price so that we could afford to take care of those little problems but, considering what we had to go through to make a deal in the first place, I'm not holding my breath.

So, back to tromping through strangers' houses, critiquing the closet space and poorly planned outlet placement. Wheeeeee!


  1. Oooo :( Don't want that stuff around your kiddos. There will be another perfect house for you somewhere!

  2. Hoping they drop the price but not counting on these people being reasonable :( you'll find your house if this isn't it... I am confident you will. Lots of for sale signs popping up around here

  3. Oh, that blows! I hope you find something even better, very soon.

  4. Stupid mold. I feel something better is right around the corner, though.

    xoxo The Psychic

  5. Deal breakers: bad foundation, a bathroom in the dining room, mold.

    Oh, wait, that just described house 1, 2, and 3 that we have owned. We fixed all of those things. House 1, had the seller pay 17k to do brand new foundation (on a crawl space, they put in a temporary foundation, remove the old one, then put in a permanent one. quite a process!). House 2, we hired a contractor to remove the half bath inhabiting a large corner of our dining room. This ended up costing 5k, due to having to remove plumbing, remove electrical, replace and match wood floor, repair wall. House 3 with the mold cost the most to fix (upward of $20k) as this was a basement issue and required 2 sump pumps and a French drain system (I would have been happy with an Amercian drain system if it was cheaper, but it was never presented as an option).

    Was it worth it? Ummmm, just barely!

    ps-- hope you find the right property soon! good luck and best wishes. :)

  6. This is a bummer. But, I guess it's better to find that stuff before you move in, right?
    Also, I think a hellmouth would be a major selling point. You'd get to hang out with Buffy!