Monday, April 9, 2012

My Head Hurts.

We've been a little preoccupied around here lately, with the whole house thing; we all seem to be handling it in different ways though.

I pace a lot, and blurt things like "well, we NEED two bathrooms" and "closet space is important" to no one in particular. Husband is spending a lot of time playing video games, and being infuriatingly mellow. The kids have started playing a new game that they call "house ladies".

One of them shows the other one several "houses" (ie. corners with pillows in them, under the beds, and behind the couch), and then the other picks one and pays the house lady with empty plastic Easter eggs. Right now, they are living side by side in "semi-detached bungalows" (aka: the couch).

If only we could pay for a house in plastic eggs.

So. There was a house that we liked - that had issues - but we went back and saw it a third time. We still liked it, and my dad (who is a very handy guy) says that all of the issues are totally fixable. We decided to put in an offer.

But, of course - Easter weekend - we couldn't do anything until today.

We got an email last night with a new listing. A listing down the street from "our" house. Listed for the same price, but with a lot of the things that we want to do to our house already done.

So. Instead of putting in an offer first thing this morning, we are going up to look at this other house down the street. Which is probably just going to confuse me.

Also? I think I have strep throat.

If I was a drinker, I'd be drinking.


  1. I would be having a drink with you. I had no idea that the worst part of house hunting is not that you won't find anything that will work, it's that you find all sorts of things that you can make work and then the headache...
    People keep telling me I'll know, that I'll find the perfect one, blah blah. I hope it works out that way for you, too! Good luck and wishing you lots and lots of comforting yarn (as long as you don't have to move it!)

  2. That sounds great- having it the same price WITH the fixes done? Score! Good luck! Buying a house is STRESSFUL!

  3. Moving is so stressful. :( Good luck on the house hunt!