Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She Doesn't.

Remember how the other day I was wondering how Beege could sleep on top of the pile of assorted crap that she hoards in her bed? Well, now I know.

Her new sleeping arrangements, with her doll "Bucky" from moxy + toots.

Last night, rather than sleep on her pile of crap, she burrowed in a corner with her blanket and the new doll she bought herself at the One of a Kind show this weekend.


  1. Whatever works! :O)

  2. We do what we must to keep our bed full of crap.

    Ali currently has all of her 44 friends under the covers with her. I can't imagine how she's doing it.

  3. That picture cracked me up. Too funny. I used to make myself a nest out of blankets and sleep on the floor sometimes.

  4. Des misses his lump of poop with teeth! (I'm coming to visit tomorrow)