Monday, April 2, 2012

This Sucks.

Well, sadly, that house was not the house for me.

We went to have another look over the weekend with our real estate agent, who listed all the problems with the house. There were grading issues, and mustiness issues, and poor outdoor maintenance issues. There were electrical issues. He actually told us that it would require a tonne of work and be a total money pit. Obviously, not the best deal.

He took us around to a number of other houses, all of which were perfectly nice, but had yards the size of postage stamps. Or basements with only one tiny window that looked out onto corrugated metal. Or didn't have a fenced backyard. And I didn't get the same feeling from them; I didn't start arranging my furniture in my mind.

In short, they just weren't for us.

We're still looking, and I can see that this is going to be a longer process than I thought. Of course, I may have had unrealistic expectations, considering that both my sister and my parents bought the first house they looked at. Which is, apparently, not what usually happens. Still, I'm discouraged.

And, unfortunately, I can see my dreams of a big backyard and a craft room/office going up in smoke.

While we're looking, I've decided to start getting rid of stuff, in preparation for the (eventual) move. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that we've always had a lot of stuff. And the situation has gotten worse since we've had kids, because as anyone blessed with children knows, they come with A LOT of stuff.

It appears that they've also inherited the "keep everything" gene from somewhere or other. It's amazing, the crap I find in Beege's backpack and shoved under her pillow. Bread bag tags, rocks, sticks, scraps of paper, rubber bands, broken toys, bits of string... you name it, she's probably got it.

I have no idea how she can sleep on top of stacks of books.

Better to start the culling now, rather than face temper tantrums while packing up and making the (proposed) move even more stressful.

Also better to behave as though I think that we'll be moving sometime in the near future, than as though I think we'll never find the right house. Right?


  1. Right. Dig your ditches and the rain will come.

  2. I'm sorry about the house. House looking and moving is so emotional and stressful.

  3. I got really lucky with my house. You have someone good on your side, he'll find you the perfect house, and be honest with you about if he thinks you're looking at a money pit..

    you'll find it. it's probably just not for sale yet! :o)