Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introducing Rollfer.

Hi there! Happy belated Canada day! (Happy early Fourth of July, to all my American friends!) I hope you did something fabulous. We sat around playing video games and got to bed early... party animals over here. To be honest, we haven't even left the house since Friday. We spent yesterday in our pajamas.

Apparently, this ball's name is Rollfer.
 So today, we finally decided it was time to brave the outdoors and head for the park. For about half an hour. Then we decided it was really freaking hot, so we headed home to our air conditioned basement and, once again, holed up in our cave.

I see how this could become a habit.

Thankfully, we're heading out again tomorrow. Not only are we going to see a movie, but I'm going to buy my first new pair of running shoes in six years. While I'm looking forward to the movie, I am ridiculously excited about the shoes.

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