Thursday, August 30, 2012

Camp Woodchuck 2012

So. We went on our first camping trip ever, my girls and I. For some reason, I decided that not only should we go camping, but that we should go to "Camp".

The decision to make it  "Camp" necessitated the design of a logo. And then I had to make things with the logo on them to give the girls. Because that's just how I roll.

Welcome to "Camp Woodchuck".

On the first night, we sat down for our very first campfire. While the marshmallows were not a hit, Beege seemed to have a lot of fun wondering what would happen to various things if you threw them in the fire. "What about this leaf? What would happen to this leaf?" "It would burn up, Honey." "What about this brick? Can I put this brick in the fire?" "It would get really hot. And no."

Their first campfire.

When they woke up in the morning, they were each given a canvas bag with a notebook, a bookmark, a button, some crayons, a t-shirt, and a flashlight. You know, like at Camp.

Beege colouring the logo on the front of her notebook.

On our first day, we went for a nature walk, had a scavenger hunt, decorated the canvas bags, and roasted hot dogs on sticks.

This one is Beege's.

On the second day, we painted some picture frames, made gimp bracelets and tie-dyed our t-shirts. (Yes, I did make myself a dorky t-shirt with a woodchuck on it. I even wore it. I was the Leader, you know. )

I had such high hopes for those t-shirts. We had been collecting blackberries in our garden for a couple of weeks, and I'd been putting all the yucky, overly squishy ones in a bag in the freezer for a surprise.

Sadly, despite the beautiful colour we got at first, after we rinsed them (cold water, no soap), it turned a faded murky brown*. Not so pretty.

Before rinsing - mine's the big one.

On day three, we spent most of the day lolling around reading. Kee yanked a bunch of rocks out of the garden to arrange as a doll house. I couldn't tell which ones were supposed to be the "dolls" and which ones were the "couches", so I was banned from playing with her. 

On the whole, it was a great experience; we got to hang out with my mum and dad, we got to sleep on the ground, and I learned some important lessons for when we really go camping.

1. No one likes marshmallows.
2. Food cooked on a stick (except marshmallows) tastes better.
3. I don't need to pack so much for Kee, since she would rather wear the same outfit every single day.
4. If you leave the stupid drain hole in the cooler open, the ice melts faster.
5. My air mattress does not insulate me from the cold ground.
6. They are capable of being still for an hour while I read to them. (The Secret Garden, in case you were wondering.)
7. Kee should not be in charge of the lantern.
8. That a campfire is just not the same without Husband to hold hands with.

*Despite an hour of boiling the shirts in a vinegar solution (which is supposed to make the colour brighter)before dying, boiling them for an hour with the berries, and sitting for a while in a cold salt bath (which is supposed to set the colour). If anyone knows of a sure fire way to dye cotton t-shirts with natural dyes, can you let me know?


  1. You are my hero and an inspiration to mothers everywhere....except the marshmallow thing. I mean, who doesn't LOVE marshmallows???? Nice job, mom.

    1. Heh... Thanks! You know, I like marshmallows, but only a couple at a time. Beege had an incident involving too many marshmallows and resulting in some really disgusting vomit - so they're off her list. Kee? Well, she doesn't have the patience to roast them (which is really at least half of the appeal foe me) and she just wasn't as impressed with the plain white ones as she is with the little red strawberry flavored ones. But, yes, I know, we're freaks.

  2. Wow! This is amazing!! You are an amazing camp leader!! It is absolutely true that foods cooked on a stick taste better! Awesome!!

    1. Thanks! Kee would never touch a hot dog before this, but give her one to cook on stick, and it's declared "yummy!"

  3. Oh what fun! What a good mama you are! I want to go to Camp Woodchuck next year!

    As for the fire thing... that never goes away. We go camping at least three times a summer every year and still both kids want to throw things in and see what happens - bottle caps, pine cones, bugs, each other...

    1. Thanks :).

      I'm thinking the campfire thing will be life time obsession; I know grown people who still sit around the campfire wondering which things would explode if they got chucked in.