Friday, September 28, 2012

A Bedtime Story.

Since she started school, there has been a change in Kee. I think that a morning of being with other kids, and away from Mummy, is exactly what she needed. She's finding out that other places have rules too, and it's not just me who doesn't want her to jump on the furniture, leave huge messes, and/or hit people. She's mellowed.

It's also been great for bedtime. For a while there, it was a real struggle, getting that kid to settle down. It was quite possible that she would still be yelling at us for one more story, or just a little bit more water, at ten o'clock. Which was awful for all of us, since poor Beege had to stay out with us even if she just wanted to go to bed*. And keeping a kid up who really would rather sleep just sucks.

Since the beginning of September though, bedtime rolls around and Kee (almost always) just goes quietly.

We have a routine now: She brushes her teeth and uses the bathroom, then she gets a story from Daddy, then I cuddle her on her bed with the light out for the duration of "Rock-a-bye baby". Then I leave and she goes to sleep. Sometimes we hear her chatting to her dolls, or singing to herself, but usually, she's out in about fifteen minutes**.

There are, of course, sometimes hiccups. Lately, these hiccups have all been of the "I want MUMMY!" variety, so when I knew I was going to miss bedtime on Tuesday, I was a little wary. I warned her ahead of time. I told Husband of my worries. I fretted a little. I put extra kisses in her doll's pocket in case she should need them.

When I got home, Husband filled me in on what happened without me.

Kee: I need a story!
Husband: Okay [insert story here]. Goodnight!
Kee: I need water!
Husband: Sure [husband gets water]. Goodnight!
Kee: I need a lullabye!
Husband: Sure [commences singing Golden Slumbers]...
Kee: NO! Rock-a-bye Baby, please.
Husband: Oh...Okay [insert lullabye]. Goodnight.
Kee: I need... a small puppet show.
Husband: What?! Okaaaay. [Husband actually gets to his knees at the foot of the bed, and proceeds to do a "small puppet show" with his hands. Because he's crazy.]
Kee: ...
Husband: Goodnight!
Kee: Was that a talking horse?
Husband: Uhm... yes. Talking horse.
Kee: ... [rolls over, pulls her blanket up, and mumbles to herself] Talking horse... whoever heard of a talking horse?!
Husband: Uhm... goodnight?

Forget the talking horse; I'm still stuck on "small puppet show."

*It's really not even worth trying to get these kids to go to bed at the same time. We did try. For quite a while, but fighting and playing and all manner of nonsense always resulted from putting them to bed at the same time. Staggering bedtimes was the best/only solution.
**knock wood, whistle and spit, throw salt, etc.


  1. Seriously. We need to swap for a week just to prove we're living the same exact life.

    1. Ha! Sure, but I warn you, I live in a basement; you'll have to duck the whole time you're here.

  2. What kid HASN'T heard of a talking horse? They're all over the place!

    Oh wait - you live in another country, don't you?

    Maybe they'll migrate up there one day.

    1. Well, I know she's heard of talking *ponies*... but maybe *horses* aren't the same thing?