Monday, October 15, 2012

The Skittering Thing.

In the past, Kee has gotten up at least once a night and crawled into bed with me for a snuggle. She is afraid of the dark so, when she comes, she runs as fast as she can and I can always hear her coming. Lately, she's been sleeping through the night.

I however, have not been. I have been waking up around three, every night, and would swear that I heard her little feet running into my room. I convinced myself that, since it was the time that she usually came in, I had just trained myself to be awake and that the little footsteps were just my brain waking me up. That sounds plausible, right?

Last week, I was woken up a little earlier than usual by raccoons going through the garbage outside. While I lay and listened to them -- wide awake, I assure you -- I heard the footsteps. They weren't coming from the hall though. They were above my head.

Every night, it runs back and forth in the drop ceiling above my head. And every night, I sleep with the sheet pulled over my face, just in case the thing should nibble it's way through and fall on my face.* (After which, it would inevitably chew my face off.)

And just last night, I heard it in the kitchen while I poured myself some water, and then in the bathroom while brushing my teeth.

I think it's started following me. 

While I'm not a violent person and don't specifically want it dead, I would really, really, like it to be alive somewhere else. (Or maybe a little bit dead.)

I'm pretty sure that this is an accurate depiction.

*Have you seen the episode of Raising Hope, where Jimmy learns that Sabrina sleeps with nylons over her head? Well, I'm seriously considering it.


  1. or it could be a chupacabra.

    Just sayin'


  2. Oh my! I'd move and not return ever.

    But I'm a chicken that way.

    Hope it"moves" soon!

  3. We had raccoons in our attic a few years ago. They're really loud! We ended up bringing in wildlife control for a cool $800 to get rid of them (without hurting them). When the 'coons came back at night after their access points had been blocked, then stomped around on the roof like Dutch cloggers all night long in protest. But they never got back in.