Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just When You Think It's Safe To Go In The Water...

When I first heard Skittering Thing, I was the only one. And no one seemed to believe me. He would skitter around in the ceiling every night as I lay below cringing, and wondering when he was going to nibble his way out of the ceiling so he could gnaw my face off. I finally convinced the husband that there was indeed something in the ceiling around the time that my grandma found some droppings in her kitchen - which is coincidentally above my bedroom.

So, Husband bought some "ultrasonic rodent repellers", and convinced me that would do the trick. No killing required! I got some earplugs so that the stupid ultrasonic thing didn't keep me awake - because apparently, I've got rodent ears - and relaxed a little.

It lasted about a week.

I was in the bath, relaxing with a book, when I heard it. A little thump, followed by frantic scrabbling. He's back. Not only is he back, but I think he's brought friends, and I think they're getting in right above my bathroom ceiling.

Now, in case I haven't mentioned it before, we've got drop ceilings throughout most of our apartment. So all that is standing between me and a nest of whatever these things are is a half inch of fibreglass tile. It is freaking me out.

He hasn't had the nerve to actually come into our apartment*. He is bugging Grandma though.  He has pooped on her counter, and in her cupboards, and on the dining room table. He pooped in her toaster. He even had the balls to come out while she was eating in the other room, and snack on some crumbs left from making dinner. And leave some poop of course.

No more Mister Nice Guy; if the little jerk won't leave, then he's going to have to die. Him and all his friends.

We set up a trap in the cupboard under Grandma's sink where it appeared they were getting into the kitchen. The back of the cupboard is separated from the cabinet base and you can see right into the ceiling, so it seemed like the logical place to start.

The next day, Grandma asked if we'd moved the trap. Uhm... No. So we set up another one, and again, the next day it was gone. So now, not only do we have a little jerk who likes to taunt my grandma, but one who knows how to disable and cart away mousetraps.

I bet he's sitting in the wall on his little pile of disarmed traps, eating a peanut butter covered raisin, and laughing at me right now.

You'll have to imagine the fangs.

*I base this claim on the fact that we've had plates of food sitting out on the counter over night - yes, because we're animals - and they are untouched in the morning. Although maybe it just doesn't like our food. 


  1. We have skitterers, as well. When I am trying to go to sleep, I hear them chewing. They, too, conveniently avoid the traps.

  2. This terrifies me on every level possible.

    Off to take a Xanax.

    1. Me too, Marianne. I don't have any Xanax though. :\

  3. Oh, oh, OH! You poor thing. Things in the walls is so horrific.

    Which reminds me that I need to go dig up an old story and rewrite it...

  4. It's so awful. Whenever it's quiet, and I'm just sitting around with a book or something - there it is. Night or day, it doesn't seem to matter. Does this thing not sleep? I'm still not convinced it's a mouse. Sounds too big to me...

  5. Ugh...horrifying!! We have something in our house too...called the exterminators last year and they couldn't agree on whether it was mice or a squirrel. THey put poison out for mice, because it was between the floors and in the wall, so not accessible. It was also spring, so i am worried that whatever it was will be back soon. We had mice too when the twins were born. I would be up nursing the babies and one would run right out in the middle of the room and start eating the crumbs left by my oldest. I'm surprised my milk didn't just dry up right then and there! Good luck getting it solved. I know how stressful it is.

    1. It's so strange. They haven't actually been *in* the apartment, from what I can see. They just run around in the ceiling and walls, freaking me out. They did pop up to my grandmother's kitchen to eat some chocolate and nibble on a banana, but other than that, we haven't seen much of them. They're just creeping me out with their rodent-y-ness. I'm really glad that there has been some evidence, or I would worry I was just hearing things.