Friday, June 21, 2013

A Picture Would be Good Here.

It happened again. I let it get away from me. Let me fill you in on my recent, not so successful, blog writing attempts.

Day 1: Make tea. Sit down at computer. Log in to Blogger. Promise myself that I'm just "checking in" on Facebook. Play Farmville... Realise I have to go pick up Kee.

Day 2: Make tea. Sit down at computer. Log in to Blogger. Notice a backlog in my reader. I'll just take a quick look at some blogs... Realise I have to go pick up Kee.

Day 3: Make tea. Sit down at computer. Log in to Blogger. Remind myself to check my email to see if that email came yet. Click a link in an email... Realise I have to go pick up Kee.

Day 4: Make tea. Sit down at computer. Log in to Blogger. Remember that I was supposed to look at something for someone on a Pinterest board... Realise I'm late to go pick up Kee.

You can see where this is going, right? On the days that I've actually been able to sit down at the computer for more than ten minutes, I've been disappearing down the fascinating rabbit hole that is the internet. Two hours goes by SO quickly when you're not really paying attention.

So it's been a while since my last post*.

Today, instead of checking on my goats or looking up how to applique circles, I came straight here. And that seems to be the (admittedly obvious) trick. 

A myriad of wonderful things have happened this month. Kee turned five (ohmygod). The girls were flower girls in my cousin's wedding (so cute). My husband got me the BEST anniversary present ever** (not a mug in a basket). We went to the annual fun fair and it didn't suck (I stayed away from the class baskets).

I have pictures of a lot of these things. On my good camera. Because it takes better pictures than my handy camera. Unfortunately, I've also lost the cable that allows me to get said beautiful pictures off the camera and into the computer where I can upload them to enliven my blog posts.

Which means I have to find it. Which, in turn, means I have to look in the most unlikely of places and (hopefully) clean as I go. Which could take a while. A very long while. I mean, seriously, you should see this place. Dammit, I need to post a picture.

But I promise (you and myself) that I will be writing more regularly. Hopefully, with pictures.

*Thank you for all your support, by the way. I love you guys! :)
**Requires pictures.


  1. Thankfully I weaned myself off Mafia Wars a few years ago. It's amazing the time suck those games can be - I feel your pain!

    1. I feel some weird sense of obligation to those little animated goats. But at least I only play one game at a time... now. :\

  2. Camera cord is one of the many things I have lost in my life. I often just put stuff places and then it is somehow missing (I recently found my iPod case under the couch cushions). I also can never find my purse or shoes.

    I didn't know it then, but when I got a new computer last year it came with a slot that you put the SD card in. No camera cable needed! It has been a long as I remember to put the SD card back in the camera. :P

    1. My *old* computer had a memory card reader. It was so awesome. I was completely spoiled by it. I know that I put the cable somewhere "safe" that "makes total sense", so I'll probably never find it.

  3. Oh, I'm with you sister! I've been completely random and googling all kinds of nonsensical things. Focus has not been my strong point. Can't wait to see the pics & welcome your return. As for me? I wouldn't hold your breath.

    1. I've sat down, googled something, and then looked up and realised I'd been sitting there for four hours. I'm going to have to start setting a timer. :P

      Well, whenever you post, I'll read it. :)