Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Woodchuck: Take 2.

If you were around last year, you may recall something I did with the girls called "Camp Woodchuck." It went so well that the girls were asking when we would do it again on the way home. So, we're getting ready to do it again on Wednesday.

Last year, I went a little loopy, making buttons, notebooks, banners... I may have set the bar a little high for myself. I'm trying not to go quite so nuts this year, but I can't help it, it's who I am. Give me a theme, and I really wanna run with it. So I'm making them some activity pages, planning a scavenger hunt, some glow-in-the-dark games, and some crafts.

I fixed the sign!

We were lucky to have beautiful weather for their first camping trip ever. This year, it's looking like rain, so I'm trying to come up with activities that will keep us from going crazy being cooped up in something even smaller than our apartment. All I've got so far is reading aloud and a couple of card games - Any ideas?

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