Monday, July 15, 2013

To Clean, or Not To Clean?

Last weekend, Husband took the girls away to visit his mum, leaving me blissfully alone for almost two whole days. I had planned to do a lot of cleaning on Saturday, be able to relax all Sunday, then welcome them home to an organised and tidy home.


Instead, I set up a huge table in the middle of the room and made some shorts and a dress for Beege, and the top for the baby quilt I'm making for my imminent niece-or-nephew. (Which, if I may say, is going to be just lovely.)

I did manage to get all the sharp/delicate/hot/pointy things put away before they got home, but just barely. I'm going to have to get him to take them away again sometime this month, because the house is still a sty.

(And I have a new quilt I want to start.)


  1. You made the right choice - "making things" should always trump "cleaning things."

    (Until the mess is actually preventing you from making things. Only then is it time to clean.)

    1. Exactly!!

      Besides, they're just going to mess the whole place up five minutes after they get home anyway. ;)

  2. This is a choice I can definitely get behind!

  3. I agree! You made a wise choice! I love the colours you are working with. :)