Thursday, July 18, 2013

You Learn Something New Every Day.

Take the past couple of days, for example. I've learned that...

1. Brandishing a white board while making angry faces is just as effective as yelling.

2. Even though I can't talk, there is still yelling going on around here, so it's not just me.

3. I'm not very good at charades.

4. If I don't yell back when they yell for me, they will eventually come find me to ask whatever it is they wanted to ask. I will never be yelling back to them again. (Unless, perhaps, one of us is in the bathroom, asking for toilet paper.)

5. I talk a lot more than I thought I did. If nothing else, maybe I'll learn some brevity.

Hopefully this won't go on much longer. The kids are already finding ways to take advantage of it. The big one's done doing whatever it was I didn't want her to do by the time I finish writing it on the white board, and the little one has "but I can't read!" to fall back on.

Although I suppose it is kind of fun to use the "bad guy" and "queen Elizabeth" voices in the text-voice program, I wish there was one that I liked a little better. I wonder if there's someone I can contact about recording an "exasperated mum" option?


  1. I totally stopped responding to people who yelled from different rooms. It's my own private game of hide 'n seek now. You wanna talk to me? FIND ME.

    1. That's the way I'm going to play it from now on. I used to yell back or, complete idiot that I sometimes am, go to THEM. No longer, sweet children. I'm the mum, you get off YOUR ass.