Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phone Gnomes.

Yesterday evening, I got a facebook message from my mother. "Can you have Beege call me, I'd like to talk to her about our butterfly project.*" Sure.  I thought it was sort of odd that she just didn't call Beege herself, but we do most of our communicating over facebook these days, and maybe she hadn't wanted to call because it was close to Kee's bedtime... so I told Beege we were calling Grandma, and went to the phone.

No dial tone. Hunh. Very odd.

So, after an evening spent unplugging and replugging our phone (still nothing), checking the phone on Grandma's phone line (the phone was fine) and even taking it to the demarcation point** to make sure that was working (it was), we had no idea what was wrong. The phone could have been out for days. I hardly ever call anyone, and it's usually only telemarketers (or my mother in law) that call us, so we just didn't notice.

So we called Bell and organised a repair visit.Which, of course, I'm unhappy about. I was going to have to wait at home today from noon until five in the afternoon. Did you catch that? I was going to have to.

Five minutes ago, the phone rang. It was Bell testing the line. I thought perhaps they'd done something on their end. They said no, and suggested that perhaps a phone had been left off the hook, and someone had finally hung it up. We only have the one phone, so I know that's not it. The phone line appears to have spontaneously fixed itself.

I'm grateful that I won't have to deal with repair people, but I can't help wondering what was wrong in the first place, and whether or not it will decide to stop working again.

The only explanation I've been able to come up with is gnomes. 

*Beege and my mum are going to plant a butterfly garden to attract monarchs, as Beege is interested in studying them.
**Apparently where the phone line comes into the house has a fancy name.


  1. We lost our bell line once, and it turned out that a bell tech had disconnected our line out at the main box outside our neighbourhood. Bell seemed as confused as we were about that. And when people called they got the "this line is no longer in use" speech. My mother thought we had picked up and moved away in the night. Which I am still strongly considering.

    1. I think my mother in law got that message - Husband got a bunch of messages on his cellphone. :\ The only really important call we missed was the one from the library telling me my book was in. I could have had it YESTERDAY.

  2. Oh wow - if our phone was out we might never find out. Seriously no one calls us. We don't even get the telemarketers. The one person who calls is the library telling me a book is in (but I can check that online and often know it's there before they call). That is why we switched to MagicJack - we couldn't justify spending $30+/month for the 3 minutes of use it got a month.

    1. So... tell me about this "MagicJack" thing...