Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daddy Daughter(s) Day.

This past Sunday, I got a day off. It was supposed to be an afternoon, but I ended up being out of the house from 9:00am to almost 9:00pm. Which is pretty much unheard of. Special circumstances though, as I spent the morning with my mum visiting my grandma in the hospital (Grandma's doing well; coming home today, in fact), and spent the evening trying not to spew.

I spent the afternoon sitting around with friends, knitting and eating yummy things. Which, unfortunately, did bad things to my innards (yummy things tend to be teeming with fat, sugar, and occasionally alcohol... so...). Anyway. I got trapped at my friend's place, since I am not in the habit of befouling taxi cabs or hurling on the TTC.

In the middle there, between the hospital and the angry gut, I had a really lovely day.


My baby's very first library haul. So proud.
What this is really about is the fact that the rest of my family spent the day doing things. Without me. Actual things, not just re-watching every episode of Avatar.

They went grocery shopping! They got to pick out what they liked, and still ended up with fruit and vegetables!

They went to the Library! Husband got Kee her very first library card. For some reason, she hasn't been willing to admit that she can read, even though I've 'caught' her several times. Now that she can take out her own books, I think she's ready to admit to us that yes, actually, she can read.

They played a video game together (apparently without fighting), they helped make supper, and they even had baths and got to bed on time. When I finally made it home, there was a bouquet of my favourite daisies waiting for me.

 The long and short of it is, they are entirely capable of managing quite well without me, and I need to get out more. So who's up for coffee? Anyone?


  1. You may not realize this during "moments" like this, but trust me. They will need you for a long time to come. (Speaking from experience.) So enjoy the moments :-)

    1. Lol.. oh I know - as long as there are socks to be found, mittens to be knitted, and hair to be braided... they'll need me. ;)

  2. Sorry about the angry gut. Glad you had some fun before it got you. Love Kee's score from the library. Pretty awesome.

    1. It was mostly my own fault, I should know better by now. But you have to cut loose and eat some baked goods, every once in a while, right? Besides, I got to spend the evening watching Sherlock with our mutual Holly, so it wasn't all bad. :)

      I know, right?! I love that my girls are readers. It makes me happy every time they pick up a book.