Monday, January 20, 2014

The Way To Her Heart is Through Her Feet.

Over the holidays, Husband generally takes the kids to visit his mum while I stay behind to deal with all the post holiday cleanup. I'm totally okay with that because it means that I get to sleep in, leave work out on the table without worrying about it for a couple of days and watch movies that I wouldn't normally get to.

This year, what with the ice storm, then the clean up, then his mum not feeling well, then my grandmother's surgery... the visit got put off almost a month. By that point, I can honestly say that Christmas had been dealt with a while ago, and I really had no reason not to go.

There are two things that I know for sure my mother-in-law likes about me. My banana bread, and the socks I make her. Banana bread is easy enough, because it really only takes about an hour of my time. The socks are a little bit trickier.
Hat no one wants.

And with all the other stuff going on, I forgot to start them. Whoops. But I was determined. Bad enough we'd missed Christmas, there was no way I was showing up without socks.

First, the yarn. It appears that they've stopped making the yarn I liked to use. No problem! I found a perfectly lovely hat and scarf in the hallway that no one had ever worn, that happened to be the right weight. Voila! Sock yarn.

I left starting far too late. It didn't help that I haven't made them in a few years and reached the toe to find I'd forgotten a few decreases along the way and had to rip it back all the way to the heel on Thursday night. I have never knitted so fast in my life, and still, I only had one sock done when we left on Friday.

I spent every spare moment while we were at her house knitting, and finally finished early Sunday morning while watching cartoons with Kee.

Socks my MIL loves.
It was awesome. I was a machine. It was truly a herculean knitting effort. I even sustained injuries. I can now totally claim "hard-core-knitter" status.

That's definitely a thing.


  1. Those are some nice looking socks. So glad you got them done, and you are definitely a hard core knitter.

    I hadn't knitted in a while and then knitted for a whole day last week and my arms/hands were so angry... Totally worth it though!

    1. Did you finish your balaclava?? It's very satisfying, isn't it?

  2. Right on! I think it's pretty hard core just to knit two socks. I always get bored after the first one. Little foot sweaters. You are such a good daughter-in-law and I bow to your knitting prowess.

  3. Well done!! I love the fact that you repurposed a scarf & mitts. Awesome. :)

    1. I'm trying not to buy new things... including crafting supplies. I've got so much here that I'm sure I could use for things if I put my mind to it. And if I can make it into something useful that I can then give away and get it out of my house? All the better!