Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Evening With Oscar, Among Other Things.

Last week was a busy week for Beege, she had a speech to give, an audition to go to, and on top of all the regular school stuff, she was sick. She wasn't SICK though, if you know what I mean. She's dragging a bit, and she's got a hacking cough, but there's no fever or vomiting, and she swears she actually feels fine. Since her speech was on Friday, and her audition on Saturday, I kept her home Thursday. I sort of figured if she got a day of down time, she'd be okay for the other stuff.

She gave her speech on Friday and, while she was a little tired, she swore up and down that she felt fine. She went to her audition and had a lot of fun, although she was a little disappointed that they only got to pluck the violin, and not try out the bow. She still felt fine.

Then, on Monday, I got a call at lunchtime telling me to come and pick her up because "she isn't feeling well." When I got there, she told me that she actually felt fine, but was coughing a lot in choir, so they told her she should go home.

On Tuesday, Kee said she felt sick. And it really felt like she was just saying it to cash in on the attention that her sister was getting from everyone. I told her, fine she could stay home, but there would be no screens and she would spend the day laying down. I left Kee in bed, and took Beege into the school and talked to her teacher, telling her that although she does have a cough, she hasn't got any other symptoms so please don't send her home in the middle of the day again.

Kee slept for the whole morning, and then threw up in her soup at lunch, which of course made me feel bad that I didn't believe her. Then she finished off (a different bowl of) the soup, and spent the afternoon playing and doing puzzles and looking entirely healthy.

On Wednesday, I made them both go to school. I finally got to catch up on some of the laundry and make a dent in the giant pile of dishes that always accumulates when I'm not around.

Oh... did I not mention? Yeah, I wasn't around on the weekend.

I don't usually watch the Oscars. I used to. I haven't been to that many movies that aren't cartoons in the past few years though. It really loses its luster when you haven't seen any of the movies, and to be honest, don't even know who most of the people are.

But this year, I attended a swanky Oscar party. That's right. I changed out of my yoga pants*, brushed my hair, and made my way to the Ritz downtown to drink champagne and watch the show.

How did I get invited to such a thing? Well, lucky for me, I'm part of a group of bloggers that have been invited to be part of the Netflix Stream Team.

You know how I am about parties, but it was actually really fun. I met some great new people, I got my hair and makeup done, I got some fabulous ideas for shows that I should watch on Netflix, and I ate popcorn coated greenbeans**.

SO. If you have any burning questions you'd like answered about Netflix, I'm your girl. Or at least, I'm a girl who knows someone who can probably get you an answer.

(If you're curious about some of the other members of the Stream Team, I've got a list of them on Twitter.)

*Thanks again to my sister who braved the mall with me on Saturday to find something decent to wear.
**It was weird but good.


  1. You're the only person on the planet that I would do that for. You're welcome :P

  2. The Ritz & no yoga pants?? It's like heaven but with liquor!!

    1. Actually... I think heaven would still involve yoga pants. ;)

  3. Cool! I just want to know about why there isn't a search for kids shows!!!!

    1. I'll get on it! Do you mean in the kids profile specifically?

  4. Awesome! Still jealous of you ladies, but glad you had a great time! :D

  5. Hope the kids are feeling better this week! That sounds so cool that you were at a swanky party. Glad it was actually a good Oscars this year too! Bonus!

    1. They're feeling better, thanks Jen. :)
      It was pretty neat. And anywhere I get to go alone is already extra special. ;)