Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Such a Wimp.

Did anyone else find March Break harder than usual this year? I'm a giant wimp, because the kids weren't even here for four days*.

I think it has a lot to do with this crap weather. What the heck, March? Don't you know it's Spring this week?! It could also have been partly because I spent most of the week blowing my nose, sneezing, and trying not to fall asleep.


By the end of the week, or at least the five days that I was trapped in the house alone with them, the general angst level around here was pretty high. I couldn't leave them alone for five minutes without coming back to screaming, stomping, slapping, or just sitting on the floor wailing. It wasn't good.

I've been trying to limit screen time a little around here, but by Sunday, a full on movie day was in order. You sit here, you sit over there, here's your popcorn, be quiet. Of course, before we even get to that point, picking a movie can be a half an hour ordeal.

Seriously, they end up fighting over the movie so often that I've actually had to institute a rule; they each take turns suggesting a movie until they come to one they both agree on, and if they run out of movies, then no movie. I was in no mood for that though. Movie day was going to save my sanity.

Lucky for me, I'd gotten some recommendations in my monthly Stream Team news letter.

"I want to watch..."
"NO! I want to watch..."
"Sit down, we're watching Turbo."

I have to admit, I'd never even heard of this one. Which is a little surprising, since it has such a star studded cast (including Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Giamatti, and Maya Rudolph). It's the story of a garden snail who dreams of going to the Indy 500. And while I don't like car racing, or snails, I did like the movie. It was sweet, and had nice messages about the importance of family and hanging onto your dreams. Both of my girls enjoyed it, and it's definitely one you can watch (and actually enjoy) with them.**

For movie number two, we went with The Croods (Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Cloris Leachman, Katherine Keener). For a movie about a family of cave people who need to relocate, it actually had some quite poignant moments. It illustrated the importance of accepting and embracing change, as well as the way we sometimes don't appreciate things as we should until they're gone.

It also didn't hurt that for the rest of the day my kids had a rich array of pretend play fodder. One moment they're snails, the next they're prehistoric people with sloths for belts. We also drew pictures of our favourite parts and characters. I love how two movies can equal an entire day of entertainment.

AND I got to spend the afternoon listening to Ryan Reynolds, who I've had a crush on since The Odyssey. Win-win, I say.

*Thank you to my mum, and then my husband, for taking the children away and giving me a chance to dig all the crap out from under their beds.
**SPOILER: They were a little offended that the Canadian guy turned out to be such a jerk.

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam and have recieved perks as such. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ryan Reynolds was in The Odyssey? What?! Mind = blown!

    1. He was! He played Macro! I've had a crush on him ever since. :)

  2. We just watched it too. KIDS LOVES TURBO. They like The Croods too, which surprised me.

    1. I think The Croods is geared towards slightly older kids. And there's enough biting of butts and things catching fire to interest the younger guys. :P

  3. I haven't watched Turbo yet! Family movie this weekend :)

    1. I think you'll like it, Anne, it's a feel good movie.