Thursday, April 17, 2014

No One Told Me There Were Prizes.

While the Olympics were on, the kids were very interested, especially in the hockey. I've never been a hockey fan, but I ended up watching too. More hockey than I've ever watched in my life. I even got into it a little bit; it's hard not to when the teams you're rooting for are kicking ass all over the place.

So anyway. I have this friend down in Chicago (who is a hockey fan) who swore up and down that the US would win. We even made a friendly wager on the semi-final men's Canada vs. US game. The winner would get something representative of the loser's country.

I had already decided that I'd probably send her a toque and a painting of a moose, if it came to it. Maybe some syrup. However, painting a moose became unnecessary when Canada beat them and went on to scoop up the gold.*

Marianne was very mysterious about what she'd be sending me, so all I could do was wait.

Imagine my childrens' delight when they opened up the package and found these lovely little dolls, one for each of them! 

Beege loves that her doll came with a little book. She smoothed her hair, sat her in a corner, and propped the open book in her lap. She does not play with her doll, she just looks at her admiringly.

Kee, on the other hand, plays with her doll all the time. She calls her "Marianne", saying that the book is not about her, it is by her. Her Marianne can fly and has super strength, as well as a sidekick named Lily. And she writes books. Her doll no longer has smooth hair, and there is something gross stuck to her dress (possibly an old cheerio?), but she is much loved and has many adventures.

Now. My girls are very polite, and they (almost) immediately sat down to write thank you letters. They're good like that. I could have sworn I mailed them. Really.

I found the envelope this morning, on top of my dresser. Along with a cheque I thought I'd put in the bank. I obviously had a whole day happen entirely in my head. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm a little worried about what else I might not have done...

Anyway. It's in the mail, Marianne.

*I'm not gloating, just stating facts.

Oh - btw, have you entered my Netflix giveaway yet? (Open to Canadians.)


  1. For the record, I do have super strength. And Cheerios in my hair.

  2. Replies
    1. Lol... I think it's hilarious that Marianne knows exactly two Canadians, and they are us.

    2. Um. That would be correct.