Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fine Art of Distraction.

My husband and I went to six different places between us to try and get our hands on a copy of a Frozen DVD. Sold out. Everywhere. Some places more than once! What the heck? And of course, I had promised my kids that we would watch Frozen on Friday as a reward for getting ready for school on time for the whole week.

I am not above minor bribery.

But then... sold out. I am about to break a promise. Through no fault of my own, and I'm sure that they (Beege at least) will understand... but still.

Lucky for me, I have an ace up my sleeve that might keep me out of the doghouse.

Turbo and his friends are back as the Fast Action Stunt Team,
 living and racing in Starlite City - a sprawling miniature city
built for them by Tito.

Another movie that they really loved (and have seen six times now) was Turbo. While I might not want to watch the movie for a seventh time, I am willing to watch the cartoon based on it, and I'm pretty sure they'll love Turbo: Fast.

All our favourite characters are back, and the voices are even a fairly close match*. The story lines are cute, and I like the animation (which I can be picky about). And don't worry, there are still some jokes thrown in for the grownups.

They've already got the entire first season up, and will be releasing new episodes tomorrow.

That should keep them happy until I find a copy of Frozen. 

*Although, of course, there is no match for Ryan Reynolds.

** I was provided with advance screeners of Turbo: Fast for review purposes. All opinions are my own. **


  1. Really? Frozen must not be popular in HamOnt... there's copies of it everywhere! I even saw a pile of them sitting at the checkout in Shoppers. Should I mail you one? :)

    1. Lol... thanks Anne, but we finally found one! We had to go to Vaughan, and even then, there were only 2 copies. I think people may be hoarding them.